Can I use RSPCA logo?

The RSPCA paw prints can be used without the wordmark but only in accordance with the specifications outlined in section 3. When using the RSPCA logo with tagline, the tagline must not be altered or rearranged in any way. The tagline as it appears cannot be used without the wordmark.

What does the P stand for in RSPCA?

‘RSPCA’ stands for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This name is registered in each State and Territory in Australia by the respective organisations, e.g. RSPCA New South Wales, RSPCA Victoria, RSPCA ACT.

Who is the patron of the Rspca?

The RSPCA is a registered charity in England and Wales and only exists because of public donations. Our patron is Her Majesty the Queen.

Where is Rspca Australia?

Canberra, ACT
RSPCA Australia defines its purpose as being the leading authority in animal care and protection, and to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection….RSPCA Australia.

Formation 1981
Type Peak body
Legal status Charity
Headquarters Deakin, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Location Canberra, ACT

Which celebrities support the Rspca?


  • Baroness Fookes of Plymouth DBE. Baroness Fookes is one of our honorary vice-presidents.
  • Bill Oddie OBE. Bill Oddie is a musician, actor, presenter, campaigner, conservationist and writer.
  • Brian Blessed.
  • Chris Packham.
  • Dr Brian May.
  • Dr Caroline Lucas MP.
  • Peter Egan.
  • Satish Kumar.

Is PETA against pit bulls?

PETA supports a ban on breeding pit bulls and pit bull mixes as well as strict regulations on their care, including a ban on chaining them.