Can military personnel use Facebook?

Can military personnel use Facebook?

The Army’s social media experts tell Soldiers not to use location-based social networking services when deployed or in classified areas; for Soldiers and families not to post specific dates or locations of deployments; and recommend setting privacy settings to ‘friends only’ on personal accounts to prevent personal …

Who is responsible for creating maintaining and preserving federal records air force?

The Archivist of the United States at the National Archives and Records Administration approves the records dispositions of federal records. The Air Force Records Disposition Schedule is the list of all Archives-approved records dispositions for the Air Force. 1.3.

What is the Air Force’s stance on social media?

In general, the Air Force views social media sites positively and respects your rights as Americans to use them to express yourself. However, by the nature of your profession, you are always on the record and must represent our core values.

Why do you want to share your Air Force family story?

Your stories might inspire someone to join the Air Force, support the Air Force, comfort a parent or spouse, and improve morale or correct inaccurate information. Air Force families may want to use social media to keep in touch with deployed Airmen, network with other military families and share stories on social media.

Does the Air Force Public Affairs Department use new media?

Research shows traditional journalism may be shifting and now uses Web as a primary resource for information. Air Force Public Affairs must be proactive, ensuring the truthful representation of the Air Force is conveyed online. In the past, the Air Force did not officially engage blogs or other forms of new media.

Should you allow subordinates to access your social media accounts?

If you’re using social media to keep in touch with family and friends, it might not make sense to allow subordinates access to your personal accounts. Air Force Instruction 1-1, Air Force Standards, outlines how leaders can use social networking sites.