Do Social Security numbers depend on state?

Do Social Security numbers depend on state?

When the Social Security numbering system was developed, one or more area numbers were allocated to each State based on the anticipated number of issuances in the State (table 1). Since 1972, the Social Security Administration has been issuing SSN’s centrally from its headquarters in Baltimore.

How many types of Social Security cards are there?

three types
Answer: We issue three types of Social Security cards depending on an individual’s citizen or non-citizen status and whether or not a non-citizen is authorized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to work in the United States.

What does the first 3 of your Social mean?

Area Number
The nine-digit SSN is composed of three parts: The first set of three digits is called the Area Number. The second set of two digits is called the Group Number. The final set of four digits is the Serial Number.

What Social Security numbers are invalid?

Also, identify invalid SSNs with:

  • The first three digits (former area number) as “000,” “666,” or in the 900 series.
  • The second group of two digits (former group number) as “00.”
  • The third group of four digits (former serial number) as “0000.”

What state issues your SSN?

The first three digits of a Social Security Number correspond to locations as follows:

SSN State State or Territory
001-003 New Hampshire Texas
004-007 Maine Minnesota
008-009 Vermont Iowa
010-034 Massachusetts Missouri

Can two people have the same Social Security number?

Although the SSN card is not considered an identity document (because it does not display identifying information about you), SSA uses your SSN to differentiate you from other SSN card holders. Many people have the same name, but each person has his or her own SSN. Your SSN allows your earnings to be credited to you.

Are all Social Security cards the same?

Since 1976, the design of original and replacement Social Security cards has been the same. In all, over 50 designs have been used from 1936 to 2008. SSA has taken measures to prevent counterfeiting of the card, and a counterfeit-resistant version is now used for both original and replacement cards.

What does the Social Security number on my Card mean?

The number merely established that his/her card was issued by one of our offices in that State. See also High Group List of SSN’s. The chart below shows the first 3 digits of the social security numbers assigned throughout the United States and its possessions.

Are social security rules different from state to state?

Thanks, Ceci Hi Ceci, Social Security rules aren’t different from one state to another, but some of the various state laws can make a difference in entitlement.

What does the first version of an SSN card look like?

First version of SSN card. No form number and no revision date. The preprinted information on the card face was in blue ink with a Social Security Board seal (in a lighter shade of blue) in the center of card. The SSN was in red ink. The date of issue was typed on the card. Had a “stub” to type in the mailing address.

How many different versions of the Social Security card are there?

There are currently over 50 different versions of the Social Security card, all of which are valid. Until 1976, original SSN cards and replacement cards were different. The following chart lists the changes in the SSN card with effective dates. Thirty-fifth version of the SSN card (08/2011 revision).