Do you get benefits with other than honorable discharge?

Do you get benefits with other than honorable discharge?

If you received a discharge under conditions “other than honorable,” you ordinarily are not eligible for most VA benefits. As long as you served for a total of 24 months, you can be eligible for benefits such as education and health care.

Can you get VA benefits with an undesirable discharge?

Veterans Benefits Administration However, individuals receiving undesirable, bad conduct, and other types of dishonorable discharges may qualify for VA benefits depending on a determination made by VA.

What benefits are lost with a general discharge?

While a discharge under honorable conditions may not be what a veteran wants on his or her resume, it qualifies for VA health care, TRICARE’s Continued Health Care Benefit Program (military health insurance), VA disability compensation, VA pension, VA home loans, and all other veterans benefits except for educational …

What does undesirable discharge mean?

conditions other than honorable
Definition of undesirable discharge : a formal release from military service under conditions other than honorable.

Will other than honorable discharge affect my life?

OTH Discharge Consequences One significant consequence of an Other Than Honorable discharge is the loss of VA benefits. Also, you lose out on federal employment opportunities. If you were in-line for a bonus for enlistment, you will likely forfeit it altogether.

Are you considered a veteran with a OTH discharge?

But for certain benefit programs, current law defines a veteran as anyone (1) with an OTH discharge and a qualifying condition (i.e., a diagnosis of PTSD or traumatic brain injury or a disclosed military sexual trauma) or (2) discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable from active service in the …

Can an undesirable discharge be upgraded?

How Can I Appeal a Bad Decision? You can appeal a bad Discharge Review Board decision to the Board of Correction for Military Records of your branch of the service using DD Form 149, which can be found on the DOD forms website. Again, hiring a disability attorney can help you win a discharge upgrade on appeal.

Can you get disability with a general discharge?

If you received an Honorable Discharge, Medical Discharge, or General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions, you are eligible for both disability compensation and VA health care.

What’s the difference between honorable and general discharge?

A General military discharge is a form of administrative discharge. If a service member’s performance is satisfactory but the individual failed to meet all expectations of conduct for military members, the discharge is considered a General Discharge, Under Honorable Conditions.

How bad is an undesirable discharge?

Other Than Honorable (OTH) Discharge An OTH discharge is typically an undesirable discharge. It means you had some serious departures from the conduct, protocol, and performance expected of a service member.

How do you change undesirable discharge?

Is OTH discharge bad?

Other than honorable discharge, or OTH discharge, falls under the umbrella of undesirable discharge. This character or service is also called a “bad paper.” However, individuals with this character or service may still qualify for certain VA benefits.