How can I chat with buyer in Olx?

How can I chat with buyer in Olx?

Once logged in, you can scroll through ads to your heart’s content. If there’s anything that tickles your fancy, you can start a Chat or Make an offer right on the ad. When a you tap on this new button/icon inside the Chat window, it will show a form to you with prefilled data from your profile.

What does double tick on OLX mean?

Double Tick: Your message has been delivered to your friend’s mobile.

Why OLX is showing something went wrong?

Clear cache & cookies: Go to Phone Settings. Under settings, go to Apps. Find the OLX app and click on storage. Click “Clear Cache”.

How do I see my liked ads on OLX?

View the favourite Ad

  1. Tap on ‘My Ads’ at bottom of App.
  2. Once on ‘My Ads’ section, select ‘favourites’ appearing under it.

Is it safe to share contact number on OLX?

We advise that sensitive information such as (IMEI no.) or (PCBA no.), should not be disclosed to any user. Suspicious Chats: Being careful on the platform ensures you have a good and genuine experience. They will try to persuade you to contact them outside OLX chat by sharing their phone numbers.

How can I get someones number from OLX?

“Olx Chat is the only way to get in touch with the sellers until they decide to reveal their phone number,” the company informed. This will ensure that the seller’s phone number will not be made public until the time he/she wants to reveal the same.

Is it safe to give phone number on OLX?

What does R mean in hike?

5 and below will see ‘Sent’ (S), ‘Delivered’ (D) and ‘Read’ (R) instead of Tick and Double Tick.

Why was my Olx account banned?

If you find that you are receiving a notification that your account is banned, this means that you’ve either breached one of our Posting rules, have been reported by another OLX user for scenarios such as: money taken however item/service not rendered to buyer. product taken without sending the amount to seller.

Why can’t I post ad on OLX?

Your Ad could be rejected if the title, description or image of your Ad matches with another Ad posted in the same city. Note: If you post a similar Ad that you have posted within the previous 30 days, the Ad would still get rejected. Make sure that the images are real, clear and of good resolution.

How can I find someone in OLX?

Yes, you can easily connect with other OLX users and stay updated about their postings. When you come across someone’s profile, you can tap on the follower/following number and see how many followers and followings he/she has. Tap on any Ad that you are interested in on OLX App.

What is the phone no in OLX?

We are open to receive all of our users messages 24 hours/day 7 days/week. Please feel free to call our contact support center on 04/727171 or fill this Contact Us form.

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