How do you deal with a sociopath employee?

How do you deal with a sociopath employee?

Eight practical tactics for dealing with the office sociopath

  1. Make performance targets clear, specific and unambiguous – the sociopath will turn any leeway into an excuse.
  2. Make clear what is solely their responsibility.
  3. Set a clear and short agenda for performance meetings with them.

How do you protect yourself from a psychopath at work?

If you must deal with a psychopath, try these five strategies:

  1. Keep Your Emotions in Check. No matter how frustrated or upset you feel, keep your emotions in check.
  2. Don’t Show That You’re Intimidated.
  3. Don’t Buy Into Their Stories.
  4. Turn the Conversation Back on Them.
  5. Opt for Online Communication Whenever You Can.

How do you deal with a sociopath?

The best way to deal with a sociopath is to cut that person out of your life. They are dangerous, though, hard to say evil. Many sociopaths have a weak understanding of what is right or wrong. They lack a strong conscience to influence their decisions.

What are the early signs of a sociopath?

Common sociopath signs include antisocial behavior as well as a complete lack of both conscience and empathy. A sociopath snakes through life, causing trouble and turmoil with every slither and slide. While the signs of a sociopath are big-time scary, it’s important to know what they are to avoid being bitten.

How to outsmart a sociopath?

Spot a Manipulator. Manipulators are everywhere. Although psychologists estimate that only 4% of the population is truly sociopathological,in the entire United States that’s about 12 million Americans.

  • Be as Unemotional as Their Souls. Your emotion is the fuel that keeps a manipulator running. Without it,they have nothing to work with and they stall.
  • Ask Them Too Many Personal Questions. It can be tough to resist talking about yourself,and a manipulator knows that.
  • Find a Flaw&Point It Out Without Letting Up. Much like narcissists,most manipulators don’t take well to criticism.
  • Incorporate More Small Talk in the Conversation. Never talk about your feelings.
  • Be Terrifyingly Strong with a Simple “No” Sociopaths are stunted in a developmental stage that most of us grew out of as toddlers.
  • Give Them What They Want—Just Not the Good Stuff. A manipulator wants you for something.
  • What are the common traits of a sociopath?

    The most common traits of a sociopath that are uncontrolled rage, anger, frustration, verbal abuse and physical abuse may appear, when a sociopath finds that he is unable to meet his desires and requirements.