Is Neil Robertson in the British Open 2021?

Is Neil Robertson in the British Open 2021?

English Open 2021 – Neil Robertson beats John Higgins in final-frame decider to take title.

Who won the English Open Snooker 2021?

Neil Robertson
Neil Robertson defeats John Higgins in a final-frame thriller to win the English Open title in Milton Keynes; the Australian delivered a brilliant 120 clearance to force the decider and ultimately seal a stunning 9-8 victory.

Is Neil Robertson snooker player married?

Mille Fjelldal is the wife of Neil Robertson. Her husband is a professional snooker player. In 2010, he won World Championship & become the number one snooker….Mille Fjelldal: Neil Robertson Wife, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Family.

Name Mille Fjelldal
Married/Single Married
Husband Neil Robertson
Children Alexander
Education University of Cambridge

What is the prize money for the English Open snooker?

Winner: £70,000. Runner-up: £30,000. Semi-final: £20,000.

How old is Neil Robertson?

39 years (February 11, 1982)
Neil Robertson/Age

What is a Neil Robertson stretcher?

Neil Robertson Stretcher is designed for removing an injured person from spaces wherein access, doors or hatches are too small to permit the use of regular stretchers. The Neil Roberson stretcher is made of flexible semi rigid canvas and can be folded easily when not in use or during accessing small places.

Where is the snooker British Open 2021?

Morningside Arena Leicester
2021 British Open/Location

Who is playing in the British Open Snooker 2021?

The English Open returns to Milton Keynes with world number one Judd Trump looking to defend the title he won last year when he beat Neil Robertson 9-8 in the final. Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Selby, Kyren Wilson and recent Northern Ireland Open champion Mark Allen are also vying for the title.

Is Neil Robertson Australian?

Neil Robertson (born 11 February 1982) is an Australian professional snooker player who is a former world champion and former world number one….Neil Robertson.

Born 11 February 1982 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Sport country Australia
Tournament wins

What is the prize money for the Snooker Players Championship 2021?

Winner: £125,000. Runner-up: £50,000. Semi-final: £30,000.