Was a German princess who married the heir to the Russian throne?

Was a German princess who married the heir to the Russian throne?

Catherine the Great was born Sophie von Anhalt-Zerbst to Prussian prince Christian August von Anhalt-Zerbst. At age 16, she married Karl Ulrich (later Peter III), the heir to the throne of Russia.

What is the warmest place in Russia?

SOCHI, a subtropical resort on the Black Sea coast, seems an odd place to stage the winter Olympics. It is the warmest place in Russia, where people go to escape winter.

What are the major bodies of water in Russia?

Russia’s inland bodies of water are chiefly a legacy of extensive glaciation. In European Russia, the largest lakes are Ladoga and Onega northeast of Saint Petersburg, Lake Peipus on the Estonian border, and the Rybinsk Reservoir north of Moscow.

Where is Sochi located?

The coastal city of Sochi is located in the Krasnodar Krai territory in far southwestern Russia. Sochi is Russia’s largest and busiest seaside resort city, situated along the edges of the Black Sea and at the foot of the western slopes of the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains. The city is positioned about 1,603 km from the Russian capital of Moscow.

How many watershed districts are there in Russia?

Russia is a water-rich country, divided into twenty watershed districts. The earliest settlements in the country sprang up along the rivers, where most of the urban population continues to live. The Volga, Europe’s longest river, is by far Russia’s most important commercial waterway.

What body of water drains into the Mediterranean Sea?

The Black Sea ultimately drains into the Mediterranean Sea, via the Turkish Straits and the Aegean Sea. The Bosporus Strait connects it to the small Sea of Marmara which in turn is connected to the Aegean Sea via the Strait of the Dardanelles. To the north, the Black Sea is connected to the Sea of Azov by the Kerch Strait .