What are the outside dimensions of a pool table?

What are the outside dimensions of a pool table?

The length of a “Regulation Standard 8ft” table should be 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. A 9ft Regulation table play field measures 100 inches long and 50 inches wide. Any size table can be considered as “Regulation” if the table is length and width ratio is consistant with these measurements.

What are the dimensions of a snooker table?

Snooker Table Size

Table Size Minimum Room Size
Full Size 12ft x 6 ft 1.5″ 3.65m x 1.86m Sectional slate bed 22ft x 16ft (6.70m x 4.88m)
10ft x 5ft 1.5″ 3.05m x 1.56m Sectional slate bed. 20ft x 15ft ( 6.1m x 4.57m)
9ft x 4ft 7.5″ 2.74m x 1.49m Sectional slate bed. 19ft x 14ft (5.79m x 4.26m)

How much space do you need around a snooker table?

Snooker Table Room Size Guide

Snooker Table Size & Playing Area Minimum Room Dimensions Full Size Cue 58″
12′ (full) 12′ x 6′ 22′ x 16′
10′ 10′ x 5′ 20′ x 15′
9′ 9′ x 4½’ 19′ x 14½’
8′ 8′ x 4′ 18′ x 14′

What are the outside dimensions of an 8ft pool table?

8′ Tables have playing surfaces with a length of 88” | 224 cm, width of 44” | 112 cm, and are set at 29 1/4”-31” | 74.3-78.7 cm high. An 8′ Pool Table has an overall size of 103” x 59” | 262 x 150 cm and a height of 32” | 81.3 cm.

How much space do you need around a pool table?

Clearance around a pool table. At the minimum, there should be 5 feet of clear space around the table. This space is enough for comfortably placing and stroking the cue. Therefore, the ideal space for your pool table should be at least 10 feet added on top of the table’s dimensions.

How do you measure the dimensions of a pool table?

How Pool Tables are Measured. Pool tables are not measured from one edge of the table to another. Instead, they are measured from the inside of the playing area, that being from one tip of the rail cushion to the opposite tip.

How big is a quarter size snooker table?

6ft x 3ft. New felt and cushions. Snooker, billiard and pool balls included plus 2 short cues.

How much bigger is a snooker table to a pool table?

A standard full-size UK snooker table measures 12 ft × 6 ft, which is double the length of a 6ft pool table. Snooker tables use a similar cloth to pool tables.

Why are snooker tables heated?

The basis for heating a snooker table is simply to reduce the amount of friction on the table. If a snooker table wasn’t heated and was left to survive on its own throughout the course of a tournament then it would inevitably become too cold and damp to play on. It would also cause quite an uneven surface.

How much space is needed for a 8ft pool table?

How Much Space Do You Have?

Table Size Room Size Required (with 58″ Cues) Room Size Required (with 52″ Cues)
7-Foot Table 3′ 5” x 7′ See 7-foot tables 13′ 6″ x 16′ 8″ 13′ x 16′ 2″
8-Foot Table 4′ x 8′ See 8-foot tables 13′ 11″ x 17′ 4″ 13′ 5” x 16′ 10″
9-Foot Table 4′ 5” x 9′ See 9-foot tables 14′ 6” x 18′ 4” 14′ x 17′ 10”