What artist went diamond?

What artist went diamond?

Diamond (10+ million) certified albums and singles

Year of release Artist(s) Title
1982 Michael Jackson Thriller
1976 Eagles Hotel California
1980 AC/DC Back in Black
1971 Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV

Who was the first rapper to go diamond?

MC Hammer was the First Rapper to Have a Diamond Album – Beats, Rhymes & Lists.

Has Snoop Dogg gone platinum?

Snoop’s second album on No Limit Records (No Limit Top Dogg from 1999) sees him move away from the labels sound and embrace his west coast background even teaming up with Dr. Dre for several tracks. The results were pleasing and Snoop went double platinum selling 1.5 million records.

Does any rapper have a diamond record?

So far, only seven hip hop records have reached the Diamond status that signifies 10 million certified album units sold in the US. Such artists as Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, and Dr. Dre, while having many other accolades imaginable, are yet to reach this milestone in their careers.

Did Ludacris go diamond?

As a result of collaborations with pop stars like Justin Bieber, Robin Thicke and Katy Perry, Southern legends like Ludacris, T.I. and Juicy J have also landed spots in the diamond club.

Has Drake went diamond?

“God’s Plan” by Drake “God’s Plan” was certified diamond on September 25, 2019.

Did Drake ever go diamond?

Does Drake have a Diamond album?

Drake doesn’t yet have a Diamond album (an album that’s sold 10 million or more copies), but his single “God’s Plan” did reach the prestigious mark.

Did Drake go diamond?

Did Michael Jackson go diamond?

Michael Jackson’s Thriller has become the first album in RIAA Gold & Platinum Program history to be certified 33x Diamond as it reaches 33m US sales and streams. During his career, Jackson released 13 No. 1 singles and became one of only a handful of artists to be inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.