What does GLT stand for?

What does GLT stand for?

GLT. Gay, Lesbian, Transgender.

What does you’re * mean in text?

Asterisk. Meaning: You’re afraid the person isn’t as cool as you. The main reason people use asterisks in a text is to censor a word, for example: “I like deep-fried sandwiches so my friends call me the C*** of Monte Cristo.

What does laundry mean in GTL?

gym, tan, laundry
The fifth season, which started Jan. 5, sees the group returning to New Jersey. They define their lives as “GTL,” meaning gym, tan, laundry.

What is a GTL drink?

The GTL is a twist on a summertime classic, the gin and tonic. It includes lavender-infused Fords gin, apricot liqueur, blackberry/blueberry syrup, lime, a dash or two of lemon bitters and orange bitters, and a few drops of absinthe, along with a splash of tonic.

What does GMO mean in texting?

“Genetically Modified Organism” is the most common definition for GMO on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does GLK mean in slang?


Acronym Definition
GLK Glucokinase
GLK Glove Lacing Kit (baseball gloves)
GLK Gay and Lesbian Kingdom (Queensland, Australia)
GLK German Language Kit (software)

Is YEET a word?

So yeet is a word that means “to throw,” and it can be used as an exclamation while throwing something.

Who said GTL?

In fact, Pauly D wasn’t the one to come up with the cast’s iconic “GTL” catchphrase—an abbreviation for the cast’s “gym, tan, laundry” routine. “We started summarizing the day’s shoots on whiteboards and just started writing GTL for short, and Pauly was in front of the camera like, ‘GTL?

What does GTL mean in jail?

We examine GTL and Securus domination of the industry. by Peter Wagner, August 28, 2017. The largest phone provider in prisons and jails, which incarcerated people use to call home, has just gotten bigger. GTL (formerly Global Tel*Link) has purchased its competitor Telmate.

What does GTL mean in gaming?


Acronym Definition
GTL Game Theory and the Law
GTL Geomagnetic Tail Laboratory
GTL Greetings Telex Letter
GTL Gaseous Tritium Light

What does PEL stand for?

permissible exposure limit
The permissible exposure limit (PEL) is a legal limit in the United States for exposure of an employee to a chemical substance or physical agent. PELs are established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).