What happened to snooker referee John Williams?

What happened to snooker referee John Williams?

In 1983, Williams received a two-year suspended prison sentence, after pleading guilty to selling non-existent snooker tables worth £6,500. This led to the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) expelling him as a referee, however he later won a legal battle to be reinstated.

Where is Ray Reardon now?

One of his greatest moments came in 1988. Aged 56, he thrashed Steve Davis 5-0 in the British Open; Davis, by that stage, having won five world crowns. In 1985 Reardon received the MBE and more recently he coached O’Sullivan to the 2004 world title. He now lives in Devon and still plays golf and snooker.

Is John Spencer snooker still alive?

Deceased (1935–2006)
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What ever happened to Tony Meo snooker player?

He retired from professional play after the 1996–97 snooker season and became a wrist watch consultant.

When did Ray Reardon retired?

He retired from the professional game in 1991. Reardon remained one of snooker’s top players into his 50s, setting a number of records….Ray Reardon.

Born 8 October 1932 Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales
Sport country Wales
Nickname Dracula
Professional 1967–1991
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How old is Kirk Stevens?

63 years (August 17, 1958)
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What did John Spencer snooker player died of?

Stomach cancer
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The snooker player John Spencer, who won the world title at his first attempt in 1969 – then took it again 18 months later, and repeated the feat in 1977, the first year the championship was staged at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre – has died of stomach cancer aged 70.

How old is Tony Meo?

62 years (October 4, 1959)
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Who is the snooker player who was banned for frauds?

Hann was found in breach of rule 2.8, which states “a member shall not directly or indirectly solicit, attempt to solicit or accept any payment or any form of remuneration of benefit in exchange for influencing the outcome of any game of snooker or billiards.” He was banned for eight years in 2006 and fined £10,000.

Is Snooker a corrupt sport?

Snooker has been plagued by allegations of corruption virtually since its inception as a professional sport. BBC commentator and retired professional player, Willie Thorne, concedes that match-fixing has always been a part of snooker, even acknowledging that some of the results in his own matches were bent.

Which snooker players have been prosecuted for match-fixing?

The only players ever to be successfully prosecuted by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association for it are Stephen Lee, Leo Fernandez, Yu Delu, Cao Yupeng, David John and amateur, John Sutton; however, four other players including Quinten Hann, John Higgins, Joe Jogia and Jamie Jones have all served bans on match-fixing related

What was John Reardon’s highest break in snooker?

Reardon remained one of snooker’s top players into his 50s, setting a number of records. He became snooker’s oldest World champion (in 1978, aged 45 years and 203 days), and the oldest player to win a ranking event (in 1982, aged 50 years and 14 days). His highest break in competition was 146.