What happens if balls are touching in snooker?

What happens if balls are touching in snooker?

Re: Touching Ball It is a perfectly legal stroke. The rule only requires the the player to play away from the touching ball without moving it. Any subsequent collision of the cue ball and the touching ball after this condition has been fulfilled is not a foul.

What happens when you touch a ball in pool?

Exercise caution when placing the cue ball on the table. The cue ball is always “LIVE” and if the cue ball or the hand holding or moving it touches another ball, it is a cue ball foul and your opponent will receive “ball in hand”.

What is a kiss in snooker?

Sport: Snooker. A foul awarded against a player who makes a second contact on the object ball.

What is the foot spot in Pool?

The foot spot is the spot at the foot end of the table between the second diamonds on the long rail. It also lines up with the center diamond on the short rail. This is the “racking end” of the table, where you “spot the ball”, and where you should line up the top object ball when racking a game of 8-ball or 9-ball.

What is touching in snooker?

(snooker) An instance in snooker where the cue ball is touching a potential object ball. If the player hits the ball in question, it is a foul shot.

Can you touch other balls in pool?

Hitting your opponent’s ball in any pool game is never a good idea, and no matter what game you’re playing, you will get a penalty if you hit the other player’s ball into a pocket. Some games even go as far as giving you a penalty if the cue ball even touches their ball before it touches anything else.

Can you touch the 8-ball in pool?

You can only hit the 8-ball as part of a combination shot at this point during the game. If you make a direct strike on the 8-ball, you lose your turn and any pocketed balls remain pocketed. Your opponent can continue play on the open table at this point.

What is a cannon in snooker?

Cannon/s. A stroke in which the cue-ball is made to contact more than one object-ball. A cannon has no scoring value in Snooker, but is commonly used to gain or improve position. In English Billiards a cannon has a scoring value of two points.

Can you double kiss in pool?

But what is a double kiss in pool? A double kiss in pool is when the cue ball and an object ball touch twice during the same shot. Sometimes this is done a quick speed intentionally when the object ball is in close proximity to the pocket to prevent a scratch or missed shot, but it is usually unintentional.

What are the holes in a pool table called?

Corner Pocket: Holes at the corners of the pool table where the balls fall. Cushion: Cloth-covered bumpers found inside the rails where the balls bounce off of. Top Rail: The rail at the head of the pool table. Side Pocket: One of the two holes on either side of the pool table and midway the long rails.

What are the diamonds on a pool table?

The diamonds are an aid to banking. If you are attempting a bank shot, find the diamond that will make the object ball bounce off the rail and drop into the desired pocket.