What happens if the white ball is potted?

What happens if the white ball is potted?

If a hit is a foul then the other player gets penalty points: 4 points if the white ball is potted. 4 points if time limit is exceeded (60 seconds/shot) If the white hits the wrong ball first then the value of this ball.

What happens if you pot 2 Colours in snooker?

Because only one of the colours can be “on” at any given time, it is a foul to first hit multiple colours at the same time, or pot more than one colour (unless a free ball has been awarded; see below).

What are blackball rules?

Blackball Rules enable an opponent’s ball be potted legally at any time during the frame; provided one of your own colours is also potted during the same shot, this is called a skill shot and is illegal in World Rules.

Can you move the white ball if you have 2 shots?

When a player gets two shots, they can pick up the white ball and place it anywhere behind the line.

Can you place the white ball anywhere in pool?

The white ball should be placed anywhere behind the service line on the table. If it is the first game in a match, a coin should be tossed to decide who gets to choose whether to break. After that, the break is taken in turns.

What happens if you pot both Colours?

You lose the game. Seriously. So don’t do it. If you pot both colours from the break and fail to nominate your colour out loud, when you take your shot, that’s a foul too.

What happens if you pot the white ball in pool?

If a player fouls on the break, for example, pots the white, then they lose the right to nominate. This advantage passes to their opponent who receives two shots and a free table. With the first shot, they can play whichever ball they wish, and can then nominate a preferred set of balls on their second visit.

Can you put the white ball anywhere in pool?

What happens if you hit black ball?

Black ball rules Black ball is played with 15 colored object balls and the cue ball. The object balls are two groups of seven and the black ball. The player or team pocketing their group of object balls and legally pocketing the black ball wins the game.

What happens if you foul on the black?

A foul on the black (including potting the white) only ends the frame in some specific circumstances: If the black is the last coloured ball on the table and your foul leaves you eight or more points behind. Your opponent can claim the win without potting the black.