What year did Pot Black start?

What year did Pot Black start?

Pot Black was a startling demonstration of the benefits of the new BBC Two colour service, and became an immediate success following its launch on 23 July 1969.

Why are there no black snooker players?

Snooker’s only black professional says the sport’s governing body is “not doing anything” to attract more black people to take up the sport. Since joining the main tour in 2001, Leicester-based Rory McLeod has been the only black player to compete. “What World Snooker are bothered about is the prize money and sponsors.

Who commentated on Pot Black?

Born in Lambourn, Berkshire, Lowe was general manager of London’s Leicester Square Hall, the home of professional billiards and snooker. He got his break one day when the BBC’s regular commentator, Raymond Glendenning, succumbed to laryngitis. He was the commentator for the snooker television show Pot Black from 1969.

When was snooker first televised color?

After a short slump in popularity during the 1950s, Snooker was put back on the map with the introduction of Pot Black in 1969, a BBC television series of annual snooker tournaments shown in colour.

Who said for those watching in black and white?

Lowe uttered the occasional on-air gaffe, one of his most famous quotes being, “and for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green.” He once told viewers that Fred Davis, struggling to rest one leg on the edge of the table in order to reach a long shot, “is getting on a bit and is …

Who was the voice of snooker?

Known affectionately by fans across the country as ‘The Voice of Snooker’, Clive Everton has been there and done it all in his broadcast career which spans over 30 years now.

Who is Ted Lowe?

Ted Lowe, who has died at the age of 90 after a short illness, was the voice of snooker commentary from the time the game began to be shown on television until his retirement in 1996. He continued to follow the sport for the rest of his life.