When was the last Darwin stubby made?

When was the last Darwin stubby made?

Production moved to Darwin in 1996 when CUB acquired another brewery and began producing Victoria Bitter, Carlton Light and NT Draught. But because of rising costs and lower demand, CUB announced in May 2015 that they would no longer be producing NT Draught on a regular basis.

Can you still get a Darwin stubby?

The brewer has since decided to stop producing it. The wake commemorating the life and times of the Darwin Stubby was held at an Alice Springs steak house. Restaurant owner Wayne Kraft said he was holding the event because, “Darwin is still in mourning”.

When were stubbies introduced in Australia?

From the 1950s, bottles known as “stubbies” (as compared to traditional bottles, they were “stubby”) of 2⁄3 of an imperial pint (13.3 imp fl oz; 378.8 ml) were introduced. In 1958, cans were introduced by CUB, which were originally in steel and the same size as the bottle; other breweries introduced these in the 1960s.

What beer do they drink in Northern Territory?

NT Draught are the makers of the Darwin Stubby. A Darwin Stubby refers to several large beer bottle sizes in Australia….NT Draught.

375 ml (13.20 imp fl oz; 12.68 US fl oz) stubby bottle, 4.9% ABV
Manufacturer Carlton & United Beverages (Foster’s Group)
Introduced 1957
Alcohol by volume 4.9%

How big was a Darwin stubby?

2,270 ml
A Darwin Stubby refers to several large beer bottle sizes in Australia. It was first introduced in April 1958 with an 80-imperial-fluid-ounce (2,270 ml; 76.9 U.S. fl oz) capacity. The 2.25-litre (76.1 U.S. fl oz; 79.2 imp fl oz) Darwin Stubby has an iconic, if kitsch status in Australian folklore.

Why is it called a schooner?

The term ‘schooner’ was in common use in Sydney by the early 1930s when it was applied to an unstamped and unofficial glass of variable capacity, but containing somewhat less than a pint. The origin of the term, although unknown, is suggested by the comments of a magistrate in a 1931 Sydney court case.

How big is a Stubbie?

The capacity of a stubby is generally somewhere between 330 and 375 ml (11.6 and 13.2 imp fl oz; 11.2 and 12.7 U.S. fl oz); the Canadian stubby bottle is traditionally 341 ml (11.5 U.S. fl oz; 12.0 imp fl oz), while the U.S. longneck was 355 ml (12.0 U.S. fl oz; 12.5 imp fl oz).

Where is the big stubby?

The Big Stubby is found outside the Larrimah Hotel, Larrimah, Northern Territory. It is an oversized sculpture of the NT Draught stubby.

What is a pony of beer?

A pony glass may mean one of two types of small glassware: A quarter-pint glass of beer: 5 imp fl oz (142 ml), metricated to 140 ml in Australia. A small, stemmed glass of about one ounce, similar to a stemmed shot glass. Used for liqueurs or cordials, hence also called a “cordial glass” or “liqueur glass”.

Why do Aussies drink schooners?

Some hospitality venues in Western Australia are going through a process of “schoonerification”, whereby the previous culture of drinking by pints has been changed with vessels of schooner size to allay increasing costs to venues and with encouragement from the state government to curb binge drinking.

What are stubbies in Australia?

Stubbies is the brand name for fashion shorts in Australia and New Zealand. The shorts were introduced in 1972 as short fashion shorts for men. Stubbies has entered New Zealand and Australasian slang vocabulary, referred to in the Australian Macquarie Dictionary as “Short shorts of tough material for informal wear”.

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