Who is most famous for writing sonnets?

Who is most famous for writing sonnets?

1250–1300), wrote sonnets, but the most famous early sonneteer was Petrarch. Other fine examples were written by Michelangelo.

Who is the best sonnet writer?

Arguably Shakespeare was the greatest sonnet writer in English literature. He wrote hundreds of sonnets about legacy, love, and discontent. Herrick, Spencer, and Petrarch also wrote sonnets of their own in different forms.

Who first introduced sonnet?

The sonnet was introduced to England, along with other Italian verse forms, by Sir Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard, earl of Surrey, in the 16th century. The new forms precipitated the great Elizabethan flowering of lyric poetry, and the period marks the peak of the sonnet’s English popularity.

What are the top 10 most famous sonnets?

10 Most Famous Sonnets by Renowned Poets. 1 #10 Acquainted with the Night. Poet: Robert Frost. Published: 1928. In this poem, the speaker tells about his relationship with loneliness. The poem 2 #9 When I have Fears. 3 #8 Those Winter Sundays. 4 #7 Remember. 5 #6 When I Consider How My Light is Spent.

Who are some Canadian poets known for their sonnets?

In Canada during the last decades of the century, the Confederation Poets and especially Archibald Lampman were known for their sonnets, which were mainly on pastoral themes. Canadian poet Seymour Mayne has published a few collections of word sonnets, and is one of the chief innovators of the form.

Who are some famous African American writers of sonnets?

During the Harlem Renaissance, African American writers of sonnets included Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes, and Sterling A. Brown. Other modern poets, including Don Paterson, Edwin Morgan, Joan Brossa, Paul Muldoon have used the form. Wendy Cope ‘s poem “Stress” is a sonnet.

Who was the first poet to use the sonnet form?

In American poetry, the first truly great poet to use the sonnet form was Edgar Allan Poe. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow also wrote and translated many sonnets, among others the cycle Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy).