Why was Social Security cards created?

Why was Social Security cards created?

P.L. The Social Security number ( SSN ) was created in 1936 for the sole purpose of tracking the earnings histories of U.S. workers, for use in determining Social Security benefit entitlement and computing benefit levels.

What was Social Security original purpose?

Roosevelt in 1935, created Social Security, a federal safety net for elderly, unemployed and disadvantaged Americans. The main stipulation of the original Social Security Act was to pay financial benefits to retirees over age 65 based on lifetime payroll tax contributions.

When were Social Security cards a thing?

The best we can say with certainty is that the first SSN was issued sometime in mid-November 1936. In any case, on whatever day the first card was issued, hundreds of thousands of SSNs were probably issued on that same day, so many people had Social Security cards issued on the very first day they became available.

What does a Social Security card tell you?

Many businesses ask for your SSN because it is a convenient way to identify you in their system. As a result, your social security number can now reveal all kinds of information about you, including places you’ve lived, your credit history, and maybe even medical conditions.

Who created SSN?

And why they’re probably not going anywhere. Social Security numbers serve as sort of a national ID for American citizens, but it wasn’t always that way. When economist Edwin Witte helped develop the Social Security Act of 1935, the numbers were solely a way to keep track of the new retirement payment system.

Does your SSN reveal your age?

The Serial Number, itself, doesn’t say anything about your location or age that the Group Number and Area Number don’t already say, although since they are assigned consecutively, they could potentially reveal your relative age within a Group and an Area.

Do SSN get reused?

A: No. We do not reassign a Social Security number (SSN) after the number holder’s death.

Is 666 a valid SSN?

SSA will not issue SSNs beginning with the number “666” in positions 1 – 3. SSA will not issue SSNs beginning with the number “000” in positions 1 – 3. SSA will not issue SSNs with the number “0000” in positions 6 – 9.

What is the history of the Social Security Number card?

Version History DATE CHANGE IN SSN CARD 1936 First version of SSN card. No form numbe 1937 – 1938 Second version of SSN card. Same as the 1938 – 1940 Third version of SSN card. The card itse 1940 Fourth version of SSN card. The preprint

What information is on the back of a Social Security card?

The back of the card contains information about the SSN and the card itself, including where to mail found cards, where and how to obtain information from SSA, a card stock sequence number, and the card’s official form number.

What does the seal on a Social Security card mean?

The seal was now the Social Security Administration Seal and both the card and the stub bore the legend, “For Social Security Purposes Not For Identification.” The back of the card showed, “Federal Security Agency, Social Security Administration”. Sixth version of replacement SSN card (01/1946 revision).

What was the 14th version of the Social Security card?

The card and stub were revised to read, “For Social Security and Tax Purposes — Not For Identification.” Fourteenth version of SSN card (05/1959 revision). The card and the stub were the same as the prior version. Instructions added information that a woman should contact SSA when she reached age 62.