Can you rent snowboard helmets?

Can you rent snowboard helmets?

The adjustment tool allows you to easily dial a custom fit to ensure the helmet fits snugly on your head. Have you rented with us before?…Description.

$14 DAY 1 day of use
$14 WEEKEND 2-4 days of use
$14 WEEK 5-9 days of use
$35 SEASON to July 9th
FREE Pickup and Return Days (must return by 1pm)

How much does it cost to demo a snowboard?

Burton Snowboards have raised edges around the entire board as well as a symmetrical shape that help riders as young as three to master balance and stability….Demo Equipment Rental Rates.

Equipment Adult Child
Demo Skis or Snowboard Only $70
Demo Snowskate $50
Demo Boots Only $60
Demo Season Pass $299

Can you rent boots?

Boots are generally rented as part of a package. Therefore, if you only want to rent boots, please check whether your chosen ski shop offers this option.

Can you demo snowboards?

A demo is a rental of a snowboard or binding that we carry in store that could be later purchased. The point of a demo rental is to allow our customers to try out gear before buying it. If the customer ends up buying the gear, the price of the demo will be applied to the purchase of the board.

Can you rent only skis?

Ski Rental Options You can rent a full set of equipment, skis only, or boots only. Helmets and poles are available separately.

Are all ski boots uncomfortable?

How Should Ski Boots Feel? The truth is, although ski boots are rigid and clunky, the right fitting boots should not hurt your feet. Ski boots are meant to be worn tight, but not uncomfortably so.

What’s a snowboard demo?

What is a demo board?

A “DemoBoard” is a branded personalized landing page generated by a Sales Rep within Consensus for a specific Organization/Recipient(s). Organization (Recipient’s Company Name) Recipients First/Last Name.

How to rent snowboard equipment at the ski area?

Call the ski area in advance for more information about renting snowboard equipment. Don’t forget to bring your I.D as it is a requirement for renting snowboard equipment. Be truthful about your weight, height and skill level, and if you’re planning on all-mountain riding or are going to spend most of your time in the terrain park.

Why rent skis or snowboards from Blue Mountain Resort?

With two rental shop locations, renting skis or snowboards from Blue Mountain Resort is easy, convenient and offers high quality equipment maintained by our pros. Own the season! Seasonal Equipment Rentals are the best value for those looking to shred the slopes for the entire 2021/2022 season.

What size snowboard should I get for my child?

In North America, however, they do have more choice, more Riglet Park facilities and more snowboard schools that cater for young kids. There are now more and more places that have boards as small as 80cm or 90cm with small boots & bindings to match. But it’s advised to pre-arrange.

How to choose the right snowboard for You?

Snowboards should be about chin height, and not higher than the upper lip. Edges should be sharp and the base waxed and smooth. Make sure they’re not lending you out a dud. It’s always okay to ask questions if you’re unsure of the equipment.