What are ZIP codes in the UK?

What are ZIP codes in the UK?

Postal codes in the UK are also known as postcodes. The initial postcode system divided London and other large cities in the UK. A full postcode designates an area with a number of addresses or a single major delivery point.

What is the zip code of UK London?

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Postcode Ward Easting
E1 6AN Bishopsgate 533416
E1 7AA Portsoken 533625
E1 7AD Portsoken 533550
E1 7AE Portsoken 533537

What is the ZIP code for Birmingham UK?

Details of Birmingham Area of West Midlands District,England State,United Kingdom

Country United Kingdom
District West Midlands (Click here for all the districts of “United Kingdom”)
Area Birmingham
Zip B1
Latitude 52.4814

What postcode is Clapham?

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Postcode Latitude Easting
SW12 0BH 51.453552 529042
SW12 0BL 51.452819 529181
SW12 0DE 51.451421 529166
SW12 0DF 51.452349 529157

What is a ZIP +4 code?

A ZIP+4 code is a nine-digit number the United States Postal Service uses to route mail to recipients. In addition to the five-digit ZIP code, it contains a four-digit identifier to further narrow down the destination of each piece of mail.

What is the postal code of the United Kingdom?

United Kingdom Postal Codes. The UK post codes refer to precise streets, and in some cases there may be several postcodes per street or road. They are formed of two parts, typically with a space between them. The first page would be the SE1 in the post code SE1 1AA.

What is a valid UK postcode?

In the UK, postcodes are a crucial part of someone’s address, as they narrow addresses down to the street of the desired location (in countries like France, however, a postcode only tells you which city or town the address is located). It can be handy to make sure your users provide a valid UK postcode in a form.

What is US ZIP code format?

US ZIP Codes Format. ZIP code is a number consisted of five digits from 0 to 9. The USA is divided into geographical areas and the first digit of zip code represents one of these areas.