Can you snorkel in Monterey?

Can you snorkel in Monterey?

Explore the kelp forest and frolic with the harbor seals Plan an underwater adventure in Monterey with our snorkel gear rentals! On a flat, clear day, you can explore the kelp forest and frolic with the harbor seals as you snorkel. See the bay from a different point of view — under the water!

Does California have good snorkeling?

California stands out for its miles of beautiful coast and excellent surfing. However, many people don’t know that the state also offers plenty of places for great snorkeling. From north to south, California is chock-full of sites to explore the local waters.

Can you snorkel in Northern California?

It may come as a surprise that the chillier climates of Northern California make excellent snorkeling destinations. Your best bet for a comfortable experience both in terms of temperatures on land and in the water, as well as the conditions, is to plan your visit during the summer months.

Is it safe to snorkel in La Jolla Cove?

Snorkeling at La Jolla Shores is best on either end of the swimmer’s beach (either north of the pier or south near the Marine Room restaurant). There are sting rays in this area, so just be sure to shuffle your feet as you enter the water to let them know you’re there.

How cold is the water in Monterey?

Water temperature in Monterey today is 55.4°F. The average water temperature in Monterey in winter reaches 55.4°F, in spring 53.6°F, in summer the average temperature rises to 57.2°F, and in autumn it is 57.2°F.

Do I need a wetsuit to snorkel in California?

So a wet suit is a must. The visibility is supposed to be excellent, over 50 feet. The preferable areas to snorkel are from Anacapa, Santa Barbara, and the east side of Santa Cruz islands.

Are there any reefs in California?

There are now 32 CDFW reefs along the California coast and the department is currently evaluating who is using them – and for what purposes. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA—Bait, cast, wait, wait some more and sometimes, catch. That’s the fishing experience above the surface.

Do people snorkel in Lake Tahoe?

Snorkeling in the cold clear waters of Lake Tahoe in the summer can be an amazing experience! The water is so clear, you’ll think the bottom is reachable when it’s really 50 feet deep… or more! Wetsuits and life vests are highly recommended for snorkelers of ALL ages.

Can you snorkel at the beach?

But, what’s also amazing is that you can absolutely snorkel from the shore at the beach, and you can also often find great snorkeling from the shore if you know what to look for.