Do Africans bury their dead?

Do Africans bury their dead?

Nearly all African communities believed in burying the dead in their ancestral land, where the spirit of the dead would join with the spirit world. Apart from performing elaborate funeral ceremonies, members of African communities also took other measures to commemorate the dead.

How burial rites are performed?

The service is usually carried out at a church, crematorium or cemetery and will include prayers, a sermon, readings, hymns and sometimes music or poems (see our guide to popular funeral songs and famous funeral poems). Additionally, a friend or family member may choose to deliver a eulogy as a tribute to the deceased.

What do Zulus do when someone dies?

Every person who dies within the Zulu tribe must be buried the traditional way. If not done the traditional way, the deceased may become a wandering spirit. An animal is slaughtered as a ritual. The deceased’s personal belongings is buried with them to aid them in their journey.

How many Yoruba gods are there?

Though both Christianity and Islam have made deep inroads, many forms of traditional religious expression persist and remain very much a part of Yoruba daily life. There are at least 401 recognized Orisha, or gods, in the Yoruba pantheon.

What happens in a Xhosa funeral?

Xhosa tradition requires the slaughtering of an animal early on the day of the burial. After the ritual throat slitting, the animal will be eaten by the mourners, usually outside the family house. “That ox is slaughtered, cooked and eaten all in one day,” she said.

How long should a wife mourn her husband?

The standard grieving period can last anywhere from six to twelve months for it to cycle through. This applies to most cases of ordinary grief, with no additional complications coming into play.

Why do the Yoruba bury their dead in their houses?

Also, Yoruba traditionally bury their dead in their houses to create a connection between themselves and their dead relatives. This custom upset the British rulers and they forced the Yoruba to bury their dead in graveyards outside the home.

What happened to the Yoruba people in Nigeria?

The British colonized the Yoruba land in 1901and this led to the loss of power over their own lives. Many of their traditions were destroyed. Nigeria became independent again only later in the 20 th century, but the second half of the twentieth century saw a lot of warfare and suffering.

What do Yoruba believe about death and reincarnation?

Like in Christianity and Islam, traditional Yoruba religions believe that death is not the end of life. They believe in reincarnation within the family. The deceased will come back to life as a newborn child in the same family.

What do Nigerians believe about funerals?

In Nigeria, Christian, Muslim, and traditional African funeral beliefs come together. In the most populous country in Africa, you may be more important dead than alive. At the heart of Nigeria are funerals. Nigerians believe their deceased family becomes an ancestor when they die.