Do incoming text messages count?

Do incoming text messages count?

As long as you have a messaging package, the MMS are counted as one message (both for incoming and outgoing) – same as SMS are counted.

Do cell phone carriers keep records of text messages?

Cellular service providers retain records of the parties to a text message and the date and time it was sent. They do not, however, retain the content of text messages for very long, if at all. However, the majority of cellular service providers do not save the content of text messages at all.

How are texts counted?

Text In Church knows that sometimes you just need a few more words, so we allow you to go over 160 characters and only count it as one unit or message sent towards your allotment. However, we do have a handy counter in What Would You Like Your Message To Say step so that you can be aware.

Do all text messages show up on AT bill?

Can I see text messages on the AT phone bill? You can only view specific text usage details such as date, time, the sender’s number, and the receiver’s number on an account. Your detailed report will highlight all SMS and MMS messages. However, it will not include the content in those text messages.

Is talk and text considered data?

It doesn’t matter if you use Apple’s iMessage, Google Voice or a variety of third-party apps like TextFree, textPlus or WhatsApp, they all use your cellular data. If you’re just sending text-based messages, then there’s really no problem. If you do anything with video messages, you’ll be burning up data like crazy.

How much data does sending a text use?

Sending plain text uses hardly any data. If you connect your device to a Wi-Fi network, it won’t use any data. From our personal experience, over a year’s worth of messages sent and received through iMessage used only approximately 1GB of data.

Are deleted texts really deleted?

Clearing or deleting your messages on your devices doesn’t mean the data is permanently gone, it’s just been filed away differently. Yes they can, so if you’ve been having an affair or doing something dodgy at work, beware! When you move messages around or delete them, the data actually stays put.

How do you find out how many Imessages you’ve sent?

Look at the “Messages” icon on your springboard. This is the application that you use to send and receive text messages. There should be a red circle in the upper right-hand corner of the icon with a number in it. This number represents how many new text messages you currently have.

Why is there a 160 character text limit?

In 1985, one character pretty much equated to one byte, so they decided that the character limit for an SMS should be 140. Since then, the GSM technology has improved, and they’ve been able to make each character less than one byte, meaning they could squeeze 160 characters into one SMS.

Can you track iMessages on phone bill?

No, iMessages don’t show on your bill. They are sent as data.

Does sending a text message use data?

You can send and receive text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages through the Messages app . Messages are considered texts and don’t count toward your data usage.

Can text messages be sent to a phone number?

Text messages can also be sent to some landline phones and toll free numbers. When someone sends an e-mail message to the cell phone’s email address, it will get turned into an SMS text message and sent to the cell phone, usually within seconds after it was sent.

What happens when you send an e-mail to a cell phone?

When someone sends an e-mail message to the cell phone’s email address, it will get turned into an SMS text message and sent to the cell phone, usually within seconds after it was sent. To send or receive cell phone SMS text messages, all you need is to find out the cell phone’s email address (below).

How do I get emails delivered as texts to my phone?

When you use Messages by Google as your default messaging app, you can get emails delivered as texts to your phone. Your email-to-text address is your 10 digit Fi number at For example: You can receive text messages as well as attachments, including images, video, and audio files up to 8MB in size.

Do iMessages count as text messages on data plan?

MMS requires cellular data, but mostcarriers count it as a ‘text’ message these days. Check with your carrier. iMessages count agains your data plan, assuming you are not connected to WiFi when you send/receive them (blue). Activating iMessage and FaceTime uses SMS messages. They may be international messages.