Do text messages use minutes?

Do text messages use minutes?

For most feature phones, the rate to send or open a text message is 0.3 units. Smartphones: Smartphones have separate buckets of units for voice calls, text messaging and data usage. Voice calls are charged at the rate of one (1) unit per minute. Text messages are charged at the rate of one (1) unit per text.

What happens if you text without service?

Most systems will hold an SMS message for about three days until they give up and stop trying to send it to the phone. So if you send a text to a phone that is powered off on Monday and they leave the phone off until Thursday the message will have been discarded.

Can you text people without a phone plan?

As long as you don’t use any carrier data, and don’t tell them you’re using a smartphone with a “dumb” SIM card, you can use a voice and text-only SIM card in whatever smartphone you want.

How do you know if someone’s phone is out of minutes?

Often, if you’re calling someone’s phone and it rings only once then goes to voicemail or gives you a message saying something like “the person you have called is unavailable right now,” that’s a sign the phone is off or in an area with no service.

Can you receive calls without minutes?

Incoming cell phone calls typically do use your minutes, but there may be certain conditions under which your cell phone service provider will not count incoming calls.

How many texts is 60 minutes?

If you buy the 60 Minute Airtime card, you will get 60 texts, which is tripled to 180 on some smartphones (you also get 180 calling minutes, and 180 mb of data, plus 90 days of service) for $20.

Can you text on an iPhone without service?

You can’t send SMS from a phone that has not service. If they are using it as an iPod with wi-fi there are some texting apps that can send a text to a cell number. Of if the not in service iphone has iOS5 they can use iMessage.

How can I send a text message without service?

If you’re not familiar with Google Voice, here’s the quick and dirty explanation of what it is: Google Voice is a completely free phone number provided to you by Google. It can make calls in the US over the internet and send and receive text messages, without you having to pay for any phone service.

How can I text without phone service?

With FireChat, you can send text messages without any cell service and uses no mobile data. Your text can even go through when you’re in airplane mode.

Will iMessage say delivered if phone is off?

When the other person shifts from an iPhone to another device, say an Android but doesn’t delete their number from Apple’s iMessage servers. If the issue is a switched off phone or no internet connectivity, the message will be delivered as soon as their phone is turned on or they connect to the internet.

Do texts go green if phone is off?

If your iPhone messages are green, it means that they’re being sent as SMS text messages rather than as iMessages, which appear in blue. You’ll always see green when writing to Android users, or when you’re not connected to the internet.