How do I put a signature on my text messages?

How do I put a signature on my text messages?

Android: Add Signature For Text Messages

  1. Open the “Messages” app.
  2. Press the “Menu” located at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose “Settings“.
  4. Tap “Add signature to messages” to enable text message signatures, then tap “Edit signature text“.
  5. Type your desired signature, then select “OK“.

Does iPhone 4 have group messaging?

Rather, sending a group message on iOS 4 sends it as a single MMS to many people; even if you are only sending a plain text message. A group MMS can be sent to 100. Sending a group message as MMS counts as just one message sent. Whereas a group message sent as SMS means you are charged for each recipient in the group.

How do you write happy birthday on iPhone?

Balloons for “Happy birthday”…Use full-screen effects to animate the message screen.

  1. In a new or existing conversation, type a message or insert a photo or Memoji.
  2. Touch and hold. , then tap Screen.
  3. Swipe left to preview different screen effects.
  4. Tap to send the message or. to cancel.

How do you add a signature to Text messages on an iPhone?

How to set up a text signature for an iPhone

  1. From the “Home” screen, tap the “Settings” icon.
  2. Scroll down and tap “General.”
  3. Scroll down and tap “Keyboard.”
  4. Tap “Text Replacement.”
  5. Tap the “+” in the upper-right corner.
  6. In the “Phrase” field, type whatever you want to use as a signature.

Do texts use the Internet?

The standard voice calling and text messaging applications do not use the Internet to send and receive data. This allows you to use your phone’s data plan for other activities, like streaming video or listening to music.

Does texting use WIFI?

Messages are considered texts and don’t count toward your data usage. Your data usage is also free when you turn on chat features. Learn how to turn on chat features (RCS). Tip: You can send texts over Wi-Fi even if you don’t have cell service.

How do I send a group text and hide the recipients?

The option you’re looking for is located at Settings > Messages > Group Messaging . Turning this off will send all messages individually to their recipients. Note: Disabling MMS Messaging will remove the Group Messaging toggle from the list.

How do I see recipients of a group text on iPhone?


  1. In the group message thread, tap the options button (three vertical dots in the top right)
  2. Tap Group details or People & Options.
  3. This screen will display the people in this conversation and the numbers associated with each contact.

How do you do animated Emojis on iPhone?

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Messages and tap the Compose button to create a new message.
  2. Tap the Camera button .
  3. Tap the Effects button , then select one of the effects, like Memoji* or an iMessage app.
  4. After you select the effect that you want to use, tap Done.
  5. Tap the Send button or tap Done to add a personal message.

How do I change my message display on my iPhone?

Change message notifications on iPhone

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages.
  2. Choose options, including the following: Turn Allow Notifications on or off. Set the position and locations of message notifications. Choose the alert sound for message notifications. Choose when message previews should appear.