How do you send a friend request on MovieStarPlanet?

How do you send a friend request on MovieStarPlanet?

Computer. On the computer, friend requests are sent by finding and clicking on another user, which will bring up their mini-profile, and clicking the button with the turquoise person on it. There will be an X next to the friend symbol on their mini-profile until the friend request is answered.

How do I email movie star planet?

  1. Contact Email [email protected].
  2. Phone Number 4500000000.

Why is there a chat ban on MSP?

Although chat rooms are fun and a great way to talk to new people, they can also be dangerous. The moderator safety screen (“MSP Police”) will appear if you use a blocked word or phrase; ignoring this warning will result in a 5 minute ban from entering chatrooms.

How long does it take for MSP to reply?

Please allow two to three weeks to receive the MSP Account Confirmation letter in the mail.

How do you add friends on BlockStarPlanet?

If a friend is playing a game within BlockStarPlanet, simply click to Join and you will teleport to the stage where your BlockStar friend is playing. You can also invite a friend to play from their Profile, and even invite friends that are not on your friends list to a game. That’s the News from the Block!

Who created MovieStarPlanet?

Claus Lykke Jensen –
Claus Lykke Jensen – Founder & CEO at MovieStarPlanet | The Org.

What company owns MovieStarPlanet?

MovieStarPlanet ApS
About Us MovieStarPlanet ApS is the company behind the games and social networks MovieStarPlanet, MovieStarPlanet 2 and BlockStarPlanet targeted for kids aged 8-13 years.

How do I find out my MSP number?

Each B.C. resident enrolled with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) is given a unique lifetime identifier for health care called a Personal Health Number (PHN). Your PHN remains the same, regardless of any changes to personal status, and can be found on your BC Services Card.

How do I find my MSP number?

Call Health Insurance BC to get your Personal Health Number.

  1. Vancouver: (604) 683-7151.
  2. Elsewhere in B.C.: 1-800-663-7100.

How old is Pumpchkin?

She is a 90 year old man. Her father created Moviestarplanet.

How old is MovieStarPlanet?


How do u report on MSP?

MovieStarPlanet has an easy-to-use reporting system; it only takes a few clicks. We encourage everyone to report bad behaviour, with our moderators responding to reports within 24 hours. To report another user, click on their username which will display their personal profile.