How many snow leopards are killed?

How many snow leopards are killed?

POACHING. As the trade with snow leopard parts happens in the dark, data is hard to come by. Between 2008 and 2016 alone, one snow leopard has reportedly been killed and traded every day – 220 to 450 cats per year. The true extent of the problem is thought to be even bigger.

What are the snow leopards predators?

Snow Leopard

Kingdom Animalia
Preferred Habitat Mountainous regions of central Asia
Average Litter Size 2 – 3 cubs
Main Food Item Wild sheep and goats, livestock
Predators Humans

Why is the snow leopard Endangered?

Humans are a second reason that snow leopards are endangered. Humans have pushed ever further with their livestock into the snow leopard’s habitat. Overgrazing damages the fragile mountain grasslands, leaving less food for the wild sheep and goats that are the snow leopard’s main prey.

What do snow leopards eat?

Snow leopards typically hunt wild mountain sheep and wild goats that are also hunted by members of local communities. When humans kill these wild animals, there’s less prey for the snow leopards and it’s harder for them to survive. In some cases, it also forces them to hunt livestock for food.

What is being done to save the snow leopard?

Many animal conservation groups are working to preserve the snow leopard. The WWF works with communities in the Eastern Himalayas to monitor the snow leopard population. They offer insurance plans to cover livestock deaths in order to dissuade farmers from killing the big cats in retaliation.

What is WWF doing to stop the illegal trade of snow leopards?

Stopping Illegal Trade. WWF supports mobile antipoaching activities as a way to curb the hunting of snow leopards and their prey. Together with TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, we work to eliminate the illegal trade of snow leopard fur, bones and other body parts.