How much is a Furby worth in 2020?

How much is a Furby worth in 2020?

Today, it could be worth as much as $4,550. Though bidding has ended, a Tiger Special Millennium Edition Furby in a mint-condition box recently went for that much on eBay.

How much is a old Furby worth?

Everyone’s favorite (or most terrifying) furry, electronic, gibberish-speaking pets, Furbies dominated the toy scene in the late 1990s — and yours might be worth a cool $4,550, according to eBay.

How much is an original Furby worth UK?

Original unopened Furbys range from £50.00-£120.00 for the special edition verions.

What is a 1998 Furby worth?

The Orange Furby With Brown Eyes from 2005 recently sold for $330, while a 2006 Funky Singing and Dancing Furby went for $270, and a 1998 First Edition Furby sold for $250.

How much did furbys cost in 1998?

Released on October 2nd, 1998, the Furby was a major success both critically and commercially. They were initially retailed for US$30-$35. Catapulting demand for these toys during the 1998 holiday season drove the resale price over US$100 and sometimes as high as several hundred dollars.

How do I know if my Furby is worth money?

“Any Furby that’s in its original, unopened packaging from the original run or is a limited release or from a rare assortment is worth money,” Bellomo said. “Look that piece up online immediately. These are in high demand and will sell for decent money.”

What is the most expensive Furby?

Pictured right: The famous FAO Schwarz Bejeweled Furby (Limited Edition of 5) was released in 1999 – the most expensive furby ever with a price tag of $100,000.

How much does a Furby cost?

Furbies originally retailed for about US$35, and upon release, they sold very well. Catapulting demand during the 1998 Christmas period drove the resale price over $100, and sometimes as high as several hundred dollars. Furbies were sold for over $300 in newspapers and in auctions.

How much is an unopened original Furby worth?

And, unfortunately, most Furbys are not fetching hundreds of dollars. Many are selling for under $50, almost in line with their original price in the late ’90s. Bellomo recommends scrolling the ‘sold’ listings on eBay for similar models to see what might be a realistic price to charge for your toy.

How much did Furbys cost in 1998?

How much did FURBYs cost in 1998?