Is a snow leopard a wild cat?

Is a snow leopard a wild cat?

Unique among wild cats, the beautiful smoky grey fur of the Snow Leopard Panthera uncia has been the cause of their near extinction at the hands of man. Unlike most spotted cats, the Snow Leopard has paler, less distinct spotting on the body and flanks. The head is dotted with smaller, round black spots.

Does lion belong to cat family?


Can snow leopards breed with other big cats?

Four of the five species of the big cats (the Panthera genus – lion, tiger, leopard, jaguar, and snow leopard), the exception being the snow leopard can hybridize with each other to produce numerous hybrids.

Are cheetahs and snow leopards related?

Big cats are grouped into the family Felidae which includes three Genus: Genus Panthera, Genus Acinonyx, and Genus Puma. Genus Panthera includes lions, tigers, jaguars, and leopards, and snow leopards. Genus Acinonyx includes the cheetah, the only living species of the genus.