Is ACCA better than software engineering?

Is ACCA better than software engineering?

It is to be noted that the pay scale of a chartered accountant is better than a software engineer. The reason remains the same that every year, only a few chartered accountants come out successfully from their fields. Whereas, software engineers tend to graduate more openly.

Who earns more ACCA or engineer?

The pay scale of a CA is always better than an Engineer. If it is a software company or manufacturing company engineer more important so Engineers earn more salary. If it is a financial company Accountants are more important so Accountant earn more salary. The pay scale of a CA is always better than an engineer.

Do engineers get paid more than accountants?

If you can do your chartered accountancy, you would be able to earn much more than the general accountant. In the case of engineering, let’s say the compensation one by one. A computer engineer earns around the US $110,650 per annum. The top 10 percent earn around the US $160,610 per annum.

Who earns more software engineer or CA?

The average salary for a Software Engineer in India is ₹530,368 per annum. The average salary for a Chartered Accountant in India is ₹789,370 per annum. Now you can easily see that a CA is earning more than an Software Engineer in India.

What is the salary of ACCA in London?

Karen Young, director at Hays Accountancy & Finance, says: ‘The average salary for an ACCA trainee is currently around £19,300 per annum, while an ACCA part-qualified can expect to earn £25,800 per annum. ACCA finalists are commanding an average salary of £30,700 a year.

Which one is harder engineering or medicine?

For toppers, the decision to opt between engineering and medicine is the most difficult task. Four years of engineering study can fetch a decent paying job as soon you graduate, whereas it is at least 8 years of hard work to study medicine and even then you could not hope to earn as much as an engineer.

What is better IT or computer science?

Most of the experts say, there is no difference between CS and IT. It is just that CS is taught as an Engineering level course in major Universities. In case if your choice is Computer Science, then you must take up Mathematics and Science in high level to require Computer Knowledge.

Can a software engineer do CA?

Yes you can skip CPT under the new direct entry scheme where you have to register for the course, Complete the Information tech course-100 hours,&orientation training-35 hours(Compulsory).. and then join for articleship… On completion of 9 months of articleship you’ll be eligible for writing IPCC exams..