What country artist has Snoop Dogg worked with?

What country artist has Snoop Dogg worked with?

Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg have collaborated together before of course, on songs like “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die,” “Superman,” and “My Medicine,” but this might be the first time the two work on something much more aspirational.

Did Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg do a song together?

The Artists Collaborate Eventually, they wrote a song together called ‘My Medicine’ that is an upbeat half-country-half-rap song about marijuana, dedicated to Johnny Cash. The video features shots of Snoop Dogg and Nelson huddled around a studio microphone, grinning and singing the chorus together.

What country song did Snoop Dogg sing?

My Medicine (song)

“My Medicine”
Recorded 2008
Genre Country rap
Length 2:40
Label Doggystyle, Geffen

What did Snoop Dogg song with Willie Nelson?

My Medicine
My Medicine · Snoop Dogg feat. Willie Nelson (Official music video)

Is Snoop Dogg making a new song?

The rapper announced the project with new single ‘Big Subwoofer’ on October 20, which marked Snoop’s 50th birthday. The song is by Mount Westmore, the supergroup comprised of Snoop, Ice Cube, E-40 and Too $hort who made their live debut during Triller’s 2021 pay-per-view Fight Club back in April.

Can Snoop Dog sing?

Snoop Dogg has ventured into singing for Bollywood with his first ever rap for an Indian movie, Singh Is Kinng; the song title is also “Singh is Kinng”. He appears in the movie as himself. The album featuring the song was released on June 8, 2008, on Junglee Music Records.

Are Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg friends?

Willie and Snoop have maintained a firm friendship, united by their love for marijuana, immortalised in their 2012 hit ‘Roll Me Up and Smoke Me Wen I Die’ and 2009’s ‘My Medicine. ‘