What did John Snow discover in 1854?

What did John Snow discover in 1854?

John Snow conducted pioneering investigations on cholera epidemics in England and particularly in London in 1854 in which he demonstrated that contaminated water was the key source of the epidemics.

What mystery did John Snow discover?

John Snow is considered the father of modern epidemiology, the study of how infectious disease spreads. Dr. Snow found the connection of how Cholera was infecting humans, it came to them through their drinking water supplies. How Cholera was getting there in the first place remained a mystery for a while longer.

What did John Snow discover about the water pump?

Snow was able to prove that the cholera was not a problem in Soho except among people who were in the habit of drinking water from the Broad Street pump. He also studied samples of water from the pump and found white flecks floating in it, which he believed were the source of contamination.

What is John Snow best known for?

John Snow, (born March 15, 1813, York, Yorkshire, England—died June 16, 1858, London), English physician known for his seminal studies of cholera and widely viewed as the father of contemporary epidemiology.

Who is Jon Snow’s wife?

Precious Lungam. 2010
Jon Snow/Wife
Jon has been happily married to Zimbabwean academic Dr Precious Lunga for 11 years. The epidemiologist and entrepreneur left Zimbabwe when she was 17 to go to university, studying neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh, before completing a PHD at Cambridge in 2003.

Why is John Snow the father of epidemiology?

In the mid-1800s, an anesthesiologist named John Snow was conducting a series of investigations in London that warrant his being considered the “father of field epidemiology.” Twenty years before the development of the microscope, Snow conducted studies of cholera outbreaks both to discover the cause of disease and to …

Why is John Snow called the father of epidemiology?

Why is John Snow father of epidemiology?

What was the achievement of John Snow?

John Snow
Alma mater University of London
Known for Anaesthesia Locating source of a cholera outbreak (thus establishing the disease as water-borne)
Scientific career
Fields Anaesthesia Epidemiology

What did John Snow contribute to epidemiology?

Who has John Snow had a baby with?

Snow and his wife Dr Precious Lunga, 46, welcomed their baby boy through a surrogate after suffering “numerous medical setbacks and miscarriages”. The singer, 48, made the remarks in his column in New! magazine, writing: “Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow has welcomed a baby boy with his wife at the age of 73.

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