What does IEX company do?

What does IEX company do?

IEX is one of the two operational Power Exchanges in India. IEX operates a day-ahead market based on closed auctions with double-sided bidding and uniform pricing; it has over 3,800 registered clients, over 300 private generators and more than 3,300 industrial electricity consumers.

Is IEX a good investment?

The 700-650 is a good area to accumulate stock for the long term. IEX is the premier electricity exchange in India, which facilitates electricity trade. IEX commands a market share of around 95% in the power exchange market.

Who is owner of IEX?

Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Satyanarayan Goel is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company with effect from February 19, 2021. He was appointed as the MD & CEO of the Company from January 21, 2014 till 20.07. 2019.

How does IEX make money?

IEX’s primary revenue sources include transaction fees (about 84% of revenues) and annual subscription fees (5% of revenues). Since the commencement of its business in 2008, the trading volume on its exchange has been increasing at a staggering rate of over 32% CAGR.

Which company is IEX?

Indian Energy Exchange Limited
Indian Energy Exchange Limited (IEX) is the first and largest power exchange in India. It has a dominant market share of over 98% of traded volume in electricity and diverse registered participants base of more than 6300.

Is IEX monopoly?

Competitive Advantage and the monopoly Due to this, IEX has a monopoly in the market, while everything looks perfect for this company with great business, great monopoly, and so on. There is one major factor that drives the future of this company.

Can I buy IEX for long term?

“With around 95% market share in the power exchange market, IEX seems a good bet for a long term investment. The valuations also showed a strong growth with promising financials.

Will IEX go up?

Will Indian Energy Exchange stock price grow / rise / go up? Yes. The IEX stock price can go up from 295.200 INR to 727.435 INR in one year.

Is IEX public sector?

The Exchange is a publicly listed company with NSE and BSE since October 2017.

What is the future of IEX share?

Indian Energy Exchange Limited quote is equal to 295.200 INR at 2021-12-12. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the “IEX” stock price prognosis for 2026-12-07 is 2602.400 INR. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +781.57%.

What is the target of IEX share?

IEX Share Price

4th UP TARGET 452.68
1st UP TARGET 291.47
1st DOWN TARGET 164.33
2nd DOWN TARGET 119.77
3rd DOWN TARGET 75.21

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