What does IKL mean?

What does IKL mean?


Acronym Definition
IKL Integraal Kankercentrum Limburg (Dutch: Comprehensive Cancer Center Limburg)
IKL Ingenieurkontor Lübeck GmbH (German engineering company)
IKL Isänmaallinen Kansallis-Liitto (Finnish: Patriotic National Alliance)
IKL Istana Karang Laut (Indonesian company; est. 1981)

What does Ugfhg stand for?

Second Definition for UFG

Definition: Ugly Fat Girl
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users: Adults

What does ICL mean on Snapchat?

What Does ICL Mean On Snapchat? ICL stands for In Christian Love. This slang is generally used during a conversation between two Christian. It is also used at the end of an E-mail like Thank you for reading my application, ICL, Alex.

What does ilk mean in slang?

Ilk is defined as a type or kind of people or things. When you encounter a very rude person and you say “I can’t stand people like him,” this is an example of a situation where you could say that you cannot stand people of his ilk.

What does IXL mean?

I excel
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In most contexts, a catchy abbreviation for “I excel”.

What are some short texting words?

29 Texting Abbreviations: What They Are, Why They Exist, and How to Use Them

  • 1 2nite. 2nite: Tonight.
  • 2 B4N. B4N: Bye for now.
  • 3 BC. BC: Because.
  • 4 BTW. BTW: By the way.
  • 5 CYA. CYA: See ya.
  • 6 DM. DM: Direct message.
  • 7 FTW. FTW: For the win.
  • 8 FWIW. FWIW: For what it’s worth.

What does MK mean on snap?

First Definition of MK “Mmm Okay” is a common definition for MK on YouTube, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. MK. Definition: Mmm Okay.

What does ilk mean in Scottish?

of the same
“Of that Ilk” is a term used in the Scottish nobility to denote a clan chieftain in some Scottish clans. The term of that ilk means “of the same [name]”, and is used to avoid repetition in a person’s title.