What does the letter on the back of my SS card mean?

What does the letter on the back of my SS card mean?

It is a reference number, having nothing to do with your SS #.” RON: The # on the back of your ssn card is “Priority Exemption Acc. #” The letter represents the Federal Reserve Bank that hold the bond the 8 digits is the acc. #

Is your Social Security number linked to a Federal Reserve Bank account?

The Fed’s site states: “A recent hoax circulating on the internet asserts that the Federal Reserve maintains accounts for individuals that are tied to the individual’s Social Security number, and that individuals can access these accounts to pay bills and obtain money. These claims are false.”

What do the letters after a Social Security number mean?

What do the letters after a Social Security or Medicare number mean? The Social Security number followed by one of these codes is often referred to as a claim number. We assign these codes once you apply for benefits. These letter codes may appear on correspondence you receive from Social Security or on your Medicare card.

How many digits are on the back of a Social Security card?

The number on the back of your SS-card has one letter and 8 digits. Since in banking we always need to have at least 9 digits for an account to exist, take the letter and convert it to the number that corresponds with your federal reserve bank.

What does the red/blue/black number on my SS-card mean?

The red/blue/black number is tied to a federal reserve bank. There are 12 FRBs. The first letter on the back of your ss-card is the letter that corresponds on the seal of the one dollar bill. Mine is a G…so since G is the 7th letter in the alphabet, a one dollar bill that has a “G” seal is also the 7th FRB.

What is the control number on a Social Security card?

The control number is a combination of alpha and numeric that bears no relation to the actual social security number on the card. However, the computer records of the Social Security Administration should show a correlation between the control number and the social security number and name on the card.