What does Ttfn mean in texting?

What does Ttfn mean in texting?

ta-ta for now
Ta-ta is an informal way of saying “goodbye,” especially in British English. TTFN, standing for ta-ta for now, was popularized during World War II by the radio comedy program It’s That Man Again. On that show, the character Mrs. Mopp used ta-ta for now and TTFN as a catchphrase.

What does TTFM mean?

Thank to Father and Mother. Internet » Chat. Rate it: TTFM.

What does GTL mean texting?

The meaning of the internet slang term GTL is “Gym, Tan, Laundry“.

Does ta mean goodbye?

Ta = thank you, ta ta means goodbye or more casually ‘bye.

What does L8R G8R mean in texting?

L8R G8R means “Later ‘gator,” which is short for “See you later, alligator.”

Who said gym tan laundry?

In fact, Pauly D wasn’t the one to come up with the cast’s iconic “GTL” catchphrase—an abbreviation for the cast’s “gym, tan, laundry” routine.

Does Tata mean breast?

A breast. Usually used of a woman.

What does ttfn stand for in text messaging?

TTFN is believed to have been made popular by a British radio program in the late 1940s. “TTFN” is an acronym that is used extensively in text messaging. TTFN, or “ta ta for now,” is used as a closing during text conversations.

What does TTFN stand ROR in texting?

‘TTFN’ is an abbreviation which means ‘Ta Ta For Now’. It is commonly used in replacement of the word ‘goodbye’. TTFN is used by young adults as well as teenagers on the social media and even when they are text messaging someone. What Exactly Does TTFN Mean?

What is the origin of the abbreviation TTFN?

TTFN is an initialism for a colloquial valediction, ” ta ta for now “, based on ” ta ta “, an informal “goodbye”. The expression came to prominence in the UK during the Second World War. Used by the military, it was frequently heard by the British public.

What does tfti mean in slang?

TFTI can also mean “Thanks For The Idea”. Now you know the meaning of TFTI, it is an abbreviation for “Thanks For The Invitation”, and now that you know it’s meaning you can start using it right away. The acronym TFTI is explained above, it is a abbreviation/ slang word that you just learn it’s meaning/definition in the internet language.