What does was stand for?

What does was stand for?


Acronym Definition
WAS Wide Area System
WAS World Association for Sexual Health
WAS Web Application Server
WAS Web Application Security (consortium project)

What does he stand for in time?

The Holocene calendar, also known as the Holocene Era or Human Era (HE), is a year numbering system that adds exactly 10,000 years to the currently dominant (AD/BC or CE/BCE) numbering scheme, placing its first year near the beginning of the Holocene geological epoch and the Neolithic Revolution, when humans shifted …

What does he stand for in text?

“High Explosive” is the most common definition for HE on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. HE. Definition: High Explosive.

What does he stand for in medicine?

Hepatic encephalopathy: Brain dysfunction directly due to liver dysfunction, most often recognized in advanced liver disease. Hepatic encephalopathy may cause disturbances of consciousness and progress to coma.

Was stands for in EVS?


Acronym Definition
EVS European Voluntary Service
EVS Enterprise Value to Sales
EVS Electronic Variable Speed (machine feature)
EVS Environmental Science

What does he mean before a name?

In reference to such an official, it takes the form His or Her Excellency; in direct address, Your Excellency, or, less formally, simply Excellency The abbreviation HE is often used instead of His/Her Excellency; alternatively it may stand for His Eminence.

What does BC & AD stand for?

Common Era
Common Era/Full name

What is the full form of he?

HE – High Energy Astrophysics.

What does he stand for in science?

Scientific definitions for he He. The symbol for helium.

What does HSC stand for in healthcare?

Health and Safety Commission (HSC)

Was stands for in environmental science?


Acronym Definition
EVS Environmental Science
EVS environmental studies
EVS Enhanced Vision System
EVS Event Services