What does Yrt mean?

What does Yrt mean?

Yearly Renewable Term (YRT)

What does nook mean in slang?

A hidden or secluded spot.

What does msgs stand for in texting?

MSG means “Message.”

What does BMS mean in a text message?

broke my scale
What does BMS mean? BMS is an internet acronym for “broke my scale,” used in support of a user, often a woman, posting a picture of herself and asking for a numerical rating from her online followers.

What means YEET?

Yeet is an exclamation of excitement, approval, surprise, or all-around energy, often as issued when doing a dance move or throwing something.

What is nook and cranny mean?

Definition of every nook and cranny : every place : everywhere We searched every nook and cranny. : every part He knows every nook and cranny of that engine.

What does VMS stand for?


Acronym Definition
VMS Virtual Memory System
VMS Video Management Software (various companies)
VMS Visitor Management System (software)
VMS Video Management System

What does MBB mean in text?


Acronym Definition
MBB Music beyond Borders
MBB My Bad Bro
MBB Management Building Block
MBB My Blood Boils

What that means LMAO?

Lmao is an abbreviation of the phrase “laughing my ass off.” It is used to indicate that something is funny.

What is meant by crack and cranny?

Everywhere, as in I’ve searched for it in every nook and cranny, and I still can’t find it. This metaphoric idiom pairs nook, which has meant “an out-of-the-way corner” since the mid-1300s, with cranny, which has meant “a crack or crevice” since about 1440.

What does Thick and Thin mean?

: every difficulty and obstacle —used especially in the phrase through thick and thin was loyal through thick and thin.