What Dors LPL stand for?

What Dors LPL stand for?

Definition. LPL. Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (University of Arizona) LPL. Lipoprotein Lipase.

What does LOL mean in texting?

laughing out loud
According to a recent poll, 54% of us regularly use “lol” to express laughter in our emails and texts. The online slang term, short for “laughing out loud”, is now so widely used that in March it was recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary.

What is LPL gaming?

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL) is the top-level professional league for League of Legends in China. In 2019, Riot Games and Tencent created joint venture, TJ Sports, to focus on all League of Legends esports business in China, including tournament organizing, talent management, and venues.

What does Ljl stand for?


Acronym Definition
LJL Lumberjack Leggings
LJL Lower Jaw Length
LJL LoL (League of Legends) Japan League (gaming)
LJL Laura Johnson Library (North Stratford, NH)

Why do girls say oh my?

This common interjection variously expresses surprise, concern, and admiration. It’s sometimes used for quaint or humorous effect.

Who wins the LPL?

The summer split began on 5 June and concluded with the summer finals on 27 August….

2020 LPL season
Winner Suning
Runners-up LGD Gaming

Where is LPL held?

On 5 November, the tournament was given the green light to go ahead, with all the matches being played at the MRIC Stadium in Hambantota, from 26 November to 16 December 2020….2020 Lanka Premier League.

Dates 26 November – 16 December 2020
Host(s) Sri Lanka
Champions Jaffna Stallions (1st title)
Runners-up Galle Gladiators
Participants 5

What Zaddy means?

While a daddy is an attractive older man, a zaddy is a man “with swag” who is attractive and also fashionable. It appears that it has less to do with age. Zayn Malik, previously of One Direction, is a popular zaddy. Ryan Reynolds is also likely a zaddy.

What are some badass words?


  • agitator.
  • rebel.
  • demagogue.
  • dissident.
  • fighter.
  • frondeur.
  • renegade.
  • sparkplug.