What happens if you pot a red and a colour in one shot?

What happens if you pot a red and a colour in one shot?

The other player will receive penalty points. So if you are making pot of red ball and at the same time colour ball is potted in the same shot it is considered as foul and the points are recieved to oppenent according to which colour ball is potted.!!

What happens if you pot a colour in snooker?

It is a foul. The player loses his/her visit to the table. The opponent gets points equal to the first colour in contact with the cue ball in the shot or the points equal to the colour of the ball potted, subject to a minimum of 4 points.

What happens if you pot an opponents ball in pool?

Hitting your opponent’s ball in any pool game is never a good idea, and no matter what game you’re playing, you will get a penalty if you hit the other player’s ball into a pocket. Some games even go as far as giving you a penalty if the cue ball even touches their ball before it touches anything else.

What happens when you pot 2 reds in snooker?

When the reds are “on”, two or more of them may be legally potted in the same shot and are worth one point each; however, the player may only nominate and attempt to pot one colour on the next shot.

What happens if you pot a ball on break?

If the Cue Ball is potted on a fair break (four balls hit the cushion or an object ball is potted) the player is penalised by the turn passing to their opponent, with two visits and an open table.

Is there 2 shots on the black ball?

With blackball you get 2 shots (or 1 free shot) after your foul, so after having already played your free shot you only have 1 shot remaining on the black ball. With eight-ball you have 2 visits after the foul.

What happens if you pot two Colours in pool?

You lose the game. Seriously. So don’t do it. If you pot both colours from the break and fail to nominate your colour out loud, when you take your shot, that’s a foul too.

What happens if you pot the 8-ball?

If you pot the 8-ball on a break shot, all the balls stay potted except the 8-ball, which is returned to the table. The opponent can rebreak if the 8-ball is pocketed or can spot the 8-ball on the table on the footspot. It is even legal to strike the 8-ball when the table is open—but don’t pocket the 8-ball.