What is gel in slang?

What is gel in slang?

If people gel with each other, or if two groups of people gel, they work well together because their skills and personalities fit together well. They have gelled very well with the rest of the side.

Does gel mean girl?

noun. informal British. An upper-class or well-bred girl or young woman.

What does dont gel mean?

​[intransitive] (British English) (also jell North American English, British English) (of two or more people) to work well together; to form a successful group. We just didn’t gel as a group.

What does gel up mean?

gel up definition, gel up meaning | English Cobuild 2 verb If a vague shape, thought, or creation gels, it becomes clearer or more definite. Even if her interpretation has not yet gelled into a satisfying whole, she displays real musicianship… V into n. It was not until 1974 that his ability to write gelled again.

Is it gel or jell?

Gel may be used as a noun or a verb, when used as a verb gel means to form something into a gel. Jell is a verb that means to become a consistency similar to jelly. Related words are jells, jelled, jelling, the noun form is jelly.

What means geld?

English Language Learners Definition of geld : to remove the testicles of (a male animal and especially a horse or bull)

What is the example of gel?

Some of the examples of gels are curd, cheese, butter, etc. Emulsion: These are the type of colloidal solution in which both the dispersed phase and the dispersed medium are in their liquid state. Some of the examples of emulsion are milk, cold cream, oil in water, etc.

What is gel colloid?

Gels are colloids (aggregates of fine particles, as described above, dispersed in a continuous medium) in which the liquid medium has become viscous enough to behave more or less as a solid. Contraction of a gel, causing separation of liquid from it, is called syneresis.

Does a team gel or jell?

When we speak of a group or a team coming together to form a cohesive whole or when we write about an idea becoming a concrete plan of action, we usually use the spelling jell for the verb. However, gel can also mean something has taken definite form.

What is jelled team?

A jelled team is a group of people so strongly knit that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The production of such a team is greater than that of the same people working in unjelled form.

What does lede stand for?


Acronym Definition
LEDE Live End Dead End