What is OmniPage used for?

What is OmniPage used for?

As agencies transform their paper-based processes and documents to online, Omnipage Ultimate can help convert paper, PDF documents and digital camera images into files in a variety of formats that users can edit, search and share.

What is the latest version of OmniPage?

Caere was acquired by ScanSoft in 2000. ScanSoft acquired Nuance Communications in 2005, and took over its name. By 2019 OmniPage had been sold to Kofax Inc. OmniPage supports more than 120 different languages….OmniPage.

Developer(s) Kofax
Stable release 19 (Windows platform) X (Macintosh platform)

How much does OmniPage cost?

OmniPage Pricing

Name Price
OmniPage Standard US$149 1 single license, install on up to 2 Win OS machines
OmniPage Ultimate US$499 1 single license, install on up to 2 Win OS machines
OmniPage Server Varies 1 server license

What is OCR Kofax?

OCR Is A Powerful Technology to Streamline How Businesses Work. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an essential technology for businesses to work with scanned documents. Without it, you can’t search through documents unless they are manually entered into a word processor.

How do you use OmniPage?

Basics to using OmniPage to OCR a document

  1. Selecting your document. OmniPage gives you two options to OCR a document: directly from the scanner and from a digital copy stored on your computer.
  2. Start OCR.
  3. Process the document.
  4. Proofread document.
  5. Name and Save.
  6. Formatting the document after OCR completed.

What is the best OCR software for Windows 10?

Here we feature the best OCR software for archiving your paper documents as digital PDF files….

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. The best for scanning documents.
  2. OmniPage Ultimate. OCR scanning for professionals.
  3. Abbyy FineReader.
  4. Readiris.
  5. Rossum.

What are the disadvantages of OCR?

Disadvantages of Optical character Reader (OCR) :

  • OCR text works efficiently with the printed text only and not with handwritten text.
  • OCR systems are expensive.
  • There is the need of lot of space required by the image produced.
  • The quality of the image can be lose during this process.

What is OmniPage DocuDirect?

Kofax OmniPage DocuDirect is the perfect low-cost solution for occasional document scanning, conversion and document routing for small businesses or workgroups that share a scanning device.

What is the purpose of an OCR?

OCR stands for “Optical Character Recognition.” It is a technology that recognizes text within a digital image. It is commonly used to recognize text in scanned documents and images. OCR software can be used to convert a physical paper document, or an image into an accessible electronic version with text.

Does Microsoft Word have OCR?

But does Word have OCR? Dating back to Windows 2003 and earlier, Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) which is the same as OCR was a feature installed by default. It was able to convert the text in a scanned image to a Word document. However, it was removed in Office 2010 and it is yet to be brought back.

What are the advantages of an OCR?

Top 9 Benefits of OCR Based Data Entry

  • Higher Productivity.
  • Cost Reduction.
  • High Accuracy.
  • Increased Storage Space.
  • Superior Data Security.
  • 100% Text-searchable Documents.
  • Massively Improves Customer Service.
  • Makes Documents Editable.

What is the main advantage and disadvantage of OCR?

The main advantage of an OCR is the ability to scan the characters accurately. The disadvantage of an OCR is limited number of characters offered by it.