What is the poem Glasgow sonnet about?

What is the poem Glasgow sonnet about?

The poem is made up first of an octet to describe the exterior of the building and then a sestet to describe the interior. Morgan brings to life the experiences of the people in this landscape by using imagery and emotive language.

When was Glasgow sonnet written?

Morgan was always intrigued about the outside world and internationalist in outlook, He was also deeply committed to his home city and the issues which affected it. He first constructed the sequence of Glasgow sonnets from which this poem comes in 1972.

Who wrote Glasgow sonnet?

Glasgow sonnet is a touching poem written by Edwin Morgan and is about how Glasgow used to be, years ago and the effects that it had on people.

Is Edwin Morgan dead?

Deceased (1920–2010)
Edwin Morgan/Living or Deceased

What type of poem is Glasgow 5 March 1971?

Morgan uses the term “instamatic” to describe a type of poetry which is instantaneous and documentary in feel. Morgan has said that these poems were based on real events that he had either seen reported on television or read about in the newspapers.

What is in the snack bar by Edwin Morgan about?

The poem begins with a description of a cup tumbling over in a café and ends with the speaker’s reflections upon the blind man’s predicament. The speaker forces us to consider the reality and hardship of such an existence, as well as confronting our own attitudes towards the vulnerable in society.

Is ragged diamond a metaphor?

The clash of ideas makes oxymorons striking and unsettling, so this use of the technique here tells us immediately that something is wrong. That phrase “ragged diamond” is a metaphor for the broken glass surrounding the falling couple.

Where is Edwin Morgan from?

Glasgow, United Kingdom
Edwin Morgan/Place of birth
Biography. Edwin George Morgan was born on 27 April 1920 in the West End of Glasgow. He went to Glasgow University to study English literature in 1937. While at University Morgan also studied French and Russian.

Where did Edwin Morgan go to school?

University of Glasgow
The High School of Glasgow
Edwin Morgan/Education

Is Glasgow 5th March 1971 real?

This poem is one of a series written by Morgan which he referred to as “instamatic poems”. Morgan has said that these poems were based on real events that he had either seen reported on television or read about in the newspapers.

Where is Glasgow 5th March set?

It is a sharp clear night 20 in Sauchiehall Street. In the background two drivers keep their eyes on the road. As we study this poem, we’ll look especially at how Morgan creates a clear picture of a shocking event. We’ll work through the poem step by step, with teaching and commentary.

What does dismal hump mean?

‘The dismal hump’ Dismal means gloomy or depressing. However, it is not the hump which is depressed but the old man. His feelings of depression are transferred to the cause of his depression (the hump). It makes the hump seem like it has the control over how the man feels.