What is the true meaning of resolve?

What is the true meaning of resolve?

To resolve is to settle or make a decision about something — often formal. A college’s board of directors might resolve to recruit more minority students. As a noun, resolve refers to a strong determination to do something.

What is the same meaning of resolve?

Some common synonyms of resolve are decide, determine, rule, and settle. While all these words mean “to come or cause to come to a conclusion,” resolve implies an expressed or clear decision or determination to do or refrain from doing something.

Has resolved meaning?

The definition of resolved is something that is firm or determined. Resolved is defined as an agreement has been reached. An example of something resolved is when all family members have agreed who will be cooking the holiday meal.

How do you use the word resolve?

Resolve sentence example

  1. In spite of her resolve , she responded.
  2. I had hoped that you would resolve your problem, but it seems to have no end.
  3. We’re going to resolve this peacefully.
  4. His words were comforting, even if they didn’t resolve her concerns.
  5. Already the boy had avowed his resolve to be a soldier.

What does I admire your resolve mean?

Text: firm or unwavering adherence to one’s purpose science project done in three days, but you may not be going about it in the wisest way> — see DETERMINATION 1.

What does lack of resolve mean?

2 something that is required but is absent or in short supply.

How do you find resolve?

Five Simple Tricks to Strengthen Your Resolve

  1. Do It Now. One of the most powerful ways to overcome the temptation to procrastinate on your goals is to do it now.
  2. Delay Temptations. If you get an unhealthy craving or temptation, put it off.
  3. Be Honest With Yourself.
  4. Think of the Consequences.
  5. Imagine Others Can See You.

What does it mean to resolve a situation?

verb. To resolve a problem, argument, or difficulty means to find a solution to it. [formal]

What does it mean to strengthen your resolve?

If something strengthens you or strengthens your resolve or character, it makes you more confident and determined. Any experience can teach and strengthen you, but particularly the more difficult ones. This merely strengthens our resolve to win the pennant.

How can I strengthen my resolve?