What is the wire routing number for Fifth Third Bank?

What is the wire routing number for Fifth Third Bank?

For incoming wire transfers to Fifth Third Bank the routing number is 042000314. For all other types of transfers and services find the routing number associated with your state and region where you opened your account below.

What is Wells Fargo routing number?

121042882 – Wells Fargo routing number in California.

What is the Fifth Third routing number for Louisville Ky?

Affiliate Routing Numbers

Fifth Third Bank Affiliate Routing Numbers
Region Routing Number
IN-Southern Indiana 086300041
KY-Central Kentucky 042101190
KY-Northern Kentucky 042100230

Can I wire money online Fifth Third Bank?

With Fifth Third Bank Wire Transfer, you’ll have funds when and where you need them with state-of-the-art security technology on front-end and back-end processing. You can initiate, manage, and track all your funds transfers through Fifth Third Direct®, your secure online portal.

How do I wire money to Fifth Third Bank?

If you’re sending money directly through Fifth Third Bank, then you’ll need to fill out a wire transfer request form, which can be picked up at any Fifth Third Bank branch. The form will require you to fill in the following information: The name and address of the receiving bank. BIC/SWIFT of the recipient.

What bank is this routing number 122000247?

ACH Routing Number 122000247 – WELLS FARGO BANK NA

Routing Number 122000247
State MN
ZIP 55479
Phone (800) 745-2426

How do I get my routing number from Fifth Third Bank?

Your routing number is also the first set of numbers printed on the bottom left of your Fifth Third checks….Online banking

  1. Log in and from the home screen tap your checking account.
  2. Tap the three dot menu in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap “View Account/Routing Numbers.”

What banks are in Louisville Ky?

The Best 10 Banks & Credit Unions in Louisville, KY

  • Park Community Credit Union. 4.9 mi. Banks & Credit Unions.
  • River City Bank. 0.4 mi.
  • L&N Federal Credit Union. 8.1 mi.
  • Fifth Third Bank. 2.4 mi.
  • Stock Yards Bank & Trust. 4.9 mi.
  • Commonwealth Credit Union. 2.1 mi.
  • PNC Bank. 4.6 mi.
  • Republic Bank & Trust Company. 0.5 mi.