What rappers does Snoop Dogg like?

What rappers does Snoop Dogg like?

Snoop Dogg’s 10 favourite rappers:

  • Slick Rick.
  • Ice Cube.
  • LL Cool J.
  • KRS1.
  • Rakim.
  • Run (Run DMC)
  • DMC (Run DMC)
  • Big Daddy Kane.

Why did Katt Williams retire?

On Monday, Williams first told Seattle’s KOMO News that he is retiring from stand-up after a bout of bizarre behavior and multiple run-ins with the law. Williams was arrested Sunday after a bar dispute in Seattle.

How old is Katt Williams?

50 years (September 2, 1971)
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Was Katt Williams a Dipset apart?

Katt Williams Signs to Dipset In the mid 2000s, right around the peak of his popularity, Katt Williams signed to Cam’ron’s Diplomats records. He’s recorded an album called It’s Pimpin’, Pimpin, on which he rapped alongside the likes of Lil Wayne, E-40 and Snoop Dogg.

Who is Snoop Dogg’s favorite artist?

During his appearance on Tuesday (May 16), Tha Doggfather named his favorite MCs of all time—Slick Rick, Ice Cube, and himself. But he also took time to share a funny story about another legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur. “We went to some island somewhere in South America,” he said.

Who is the richest comedian?

The 30 Richest Comedians in the World

  • Martin Lawrence. Net Worth: $110 Million.
  • Matthew Perry. Net Worth: $120 Million.
  • Jon Stewart. Net Worth: $120 Million.
  • Steve Martin. Net Worth: $140 Million.
  • Ricky Gervais. Net Worth: $140 Million.
  • Jeff Dunham. Net Worth: $140 Million.
  • Bill Maher. Net Worth: $140 Million.
  • Rowan Atkinson.

How much is Mike Epps?

Mike Epps Net Worth and Salary: Mike Epps is an American comedian, actor, producer, musician, and rap artist who has a net worth of $5 million….Mike Epps Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.87 m)
Profession: Actor, Writer, Singer, Rapper, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Comedian, Voice Actor

How old is Kevin Hart?

42 years (July 6, 1979)
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Who is Lena to Katt Williams?

While struggling to earn a living as a single mother of 3 children on a teacher’s salary, Jenkins-Smith decided to follow her passion towards working in entertainment. She eventually landed a job as personal assistant to comedy legend, Katt Williams, whom she still works with today.

How tall is Katt Williams?

5′ 5″
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What Snoop Dogg listen to?

“Snoop Dogg first gained fame in the gangsta rap era, but he loved many types of music growing up. He came of age on funk and R&B, which influenced his sing-song rap style.” — Ben Westhoff, whose new book, “Original Gangstas: The Untold Story of Dr.