Who are the main characters in the Contender?

Who are the main characters in the Contender?

Mr. Donatelli
Aunt PearlMajorJamesAlfred Brooks
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Who is the round character in The Contender?

Alfred Brooks
Alfred is a very real, dynamic character.

Who is Alfred’s best friend?

James. James is Alfred’s best friend, but James represents yet another aspect of Alfred’s life that is stripped away. Throughout the book Alfred struggles to maintain and regain James’s trust and friendship, as well as attempt to steer him away from drugs and crime.

Who is the antagonist in the Contender?

Major Major
Major is the antagonist of the novel. He represents the cynical, repressive, manipulative side of Harlem that Alfred initially fights to escape and ultimately learns to overcome.

Why is Alfred a contender?

Donatelli tells Alfred that a contender is willing to pay the price. He will “sweat and bleed” to get as high as his talent, courage, and character will take him. Of course, Donatelli is speaking about life as well as boxing. Although he has dropped out of high school, Alfred has accepted responsibility in life.

Who is Jeff in the book contender?

Jeff is Alfred’s cousin and Wilson and Dorothy’s son. He is home from college when Alfred, Aunt Pearl, and the girls go out to the house in Queens for Thanksgiving. He is impressed that Alfred has won his first two fights, and he acknowledges the positive change in Alfred.

How old is Alfred in the Contender?

Characters. Alfred Brooks is a 17-year-old African American male and the protagonist of the novel. He recently dropped out of high school and appears to be indecisive about the direction of his life. Orphaned at a young age, he lives in Harlem with his Aunt Pearl and his three cousins.

How old is Henry in the Contender?

Major Characters He is seventeen years old and an orphan living his with aunt in Harlem. He works for the Epsteins during the day and trains at the gym in the evening. The novel is the story of his coming of age and struggling to succeed.

Who is spoon in the Contender?

Bill “Spoon” Witherspoon A former fighter who has become a schoolteacher, Spoon serves as exemplar while he encourages Alfred to finish his education. Betty Witherspoon Bill’s wife is also a teacher. She dislikes boxing but cheerfully helps Alfred prepare for his fights.

Who is Willie Streeter in the Contender?

The Contender Character Review Chapter 1-8

Jelly Belly a fighter from the gym who eats a lot
Willie Streeter trained by Mr. Donatelli, lost the big fight to Junius Becker
Lou Epstein Alfred’s Boss
Bill Witherspoon School Teacher

What news does Aunt Pearl give Alfred about James?

She tells him that the police were there looking for James. James had broken into Epstein’s again, through the front window and had gotten away. Alfred says he hopes James does not get caught, and Pearl says that James cut himself badly on the window and probably will not get too far.

How old is Henry from the Contender?