Who eats a snow leopard?

Who eats a snow leopard?

Snow Leopard

Kingdom Animalia
Preferred Habitat Mountainous regions of central Asia
Average Litter Size 2 – 3 cubs
Main Food Item Wild sheep and goats, livestock
Predators Humans

What kind of meat do snow leopards eat?

Snow Leopards for Kids Blue sheep and ibex are the snow leopards favorite meal, but they also eat small prey such as marmots, pika, hares and birds.

Do snow leopards eat meat?

They are strictly carnivores and eat whatever meat they can find. One of the most beautiful of the cats, snow leopards are also exceptional athletes capable of making huge leaps over ravines. They can also bring down prey almost three times their own size including domestic livestock.

Can you tame a snow leopard?

Although Snow Leopards cannot be tamed, they can be bred with Raw Moose Ribs, meat from a creature they could only ever dream of hunting. These big cats are no pushovers, and will defend themselves or their offspring from any attacks.