Why are snow leopard usually killed?

Why are snow leopard usually killed?

Snow leopards are often killed by local farmers and herders as a result of human-wildlife conflict, which occurs when the leopards prey on livestock such as sheep, goats, horses, and yak calves. As their natural prey becomes harder to find, snow leopards are forced to kill livestock for survival.

Are snow leopards killed for their fur?

Poaching: Snow leopards have long been killed for their beautiful fur, but their bones and other body parts are also used in Traditional Asian Medicine. And the illegal trade in snow leopard parts appears to be increasing.

What are snow leopards poached for?

Poaching for their exquisite fur and highly valued bones has been a major threat to snow leopards across their range. The demand for rugs, luxury décor, and taxidermy, is also reported to be on the increase. Snow leopard bones have allegedly been used as substitute for tiger bones in traditional medicine.

Why are leopards being killed?

Leopards are vulnerable to extinction. Scientists believe that African leopard populations are plummeting due to habitat loss, prey depletion, persecution by people, poaching for the illegal skin trade and unsustainable trophy hunting.

Is killing snow leopards illegal?

The cats are protected by law in nearly all twelve range countries, but it is almost impossible to enforce the laws in the snow leopard’s remote mountain habitat. …

Why should snow leopards be saved?

WHY THEY ARE IMPORTANT As the top predator in its habitat, the snow leopard helps control populations of its prey, keeping their numbers stable and preventing them from overgrazing local foliage. Their predation also helps weed out sick and weaker individuals lower in the food chain.

Why is it important to save the snow leopards?

Snow leopards are top predators in their environment, and their prey include mountain sheep and goats. Without the snow leopard, the ecological balance would be disrupted. So by protecting the snow leopard, we’re benefitting the whole natural environment in these areas and the people who rely on it.

What has the government done to protect snow leopards?

WHAT IS WWF INDIA DOING TO PROTECT SNOW LEOPARDS? Installation of predator proof livestock pens to reduce livestock loss and retaliatory killing of snow leopards. Keeping a pulse of snow leopard population using robust monitoring tools. Engaging local community, tourists & the Indian army to protect the snow leopard.